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Early scan question

For anyone who had early scan, I will be between 6+5 and 7 weeks when mine is done...........did you all see heartbeats this early?

As it is private I would expect they wouldnt do it unless they could see HB, thats why they say from 7 weeks?


  • Hi,

    I had early scan and was told I was 6+3 and heartbeat was certainly there. You should be able to see yours.

    Good luck for your scan, Jaimep :\)
  • I had an early scan at 7+5 and saw heartbeats and a yolk sac
  • I googled and looked on FF and it seems if you cant find HB with US then it will show with internal from about 6 weeks..............

    I have never been so impatient in all my life, I just want the days to roll away................11 days and counting until scan xxx
  • Mine was an internal scan...not the most dignified of things (you lose all your dignity when having a baby, having numerous midwives & doctors queuing up to have a fiddle with your bits sees to that!!!) but well worth it.

    I was told at my local hospital that they didn't usually try an US until about 9 weeks as an internal is much more accurate and definitive during early stages.

    Your 11 days will fly've probably learnt patience while ttc, just think of it as another 2ww!

    Good luck with your scan, I'm sure everything will be fine and that it'll be worth the wait :\)
  • Hi,

    I went to the BUPA hospital for an early scan, and I was 6+5 - they did say we may not still see a heartbeat as it was still early on. They did an early scan, and yes, we could see the heartbeat image

    Hope all goes well,
    Lis image
  • I had a scan at 6+5 and saw a clear heartbeat it wasnt an internal scan either xx
  • I had one dome at 7 weeks you could see the sac and a flickering heartbeat.

  • I had a early scan at 5wks, i could see a dot! but apparantly they could see a heartbeat
  • A fetal heartbeat can be seen on ultrasound, in some pregnancies from about 5 weeks, but as the fetus only measures about 2 mm it can be difficult (due to position of fetus, maternal size, bowel etc) to see through the abdomen and can sometimes be easier to see on an internal scan. All pregnancies are however different and sometimes (for no apparent reason) a heartbeat might not be seen until 6+ weeks. This can also be normal and everything can be ok.
  • I had scan at 6+1 and it was internal got to heart beat and had another at 9+2 i wish we could have one every
  • My early scan was 6 weeks, was an internal but saw the heartbeat flickering away! Its not the most dignified of things to have, but it wasnt painful or uncomfortable at all, and this is going back 7 years so they may be even clearer now! xx
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