3 weeks...

Left to go and im so fed up image i know that the time will fly by and ill have my beautiful baby soon but at the moment i just cant see that. i cant walk anywhere coz of the spd and i cant sit down properly coz splodge's bum is right under my ribs, so ive just had enough now! i dont even want to think about going overdue again as its awful. sorry for the rant, but all these april babies have started coming and i really want mine now.
Hope everyone else is ok?

Hannah 37weeks today xx


  • awww poor y hun im staring to know how u feel now im 31 weeks and 2 days omg and am i feeling it now it feels like shes gona come out my fairy if i walk to far her head is engaged already and im so uncomfortable she keeps digging her knees out and it hurts and wen i sit shes jamed in my ribs they said if it gets tomuch they will cosider doing my section at 38 weeks cos im a single mom with a disabled child who is 24 hour care and its gettin really tuff now, so hopefully not long now 4 me this is the fyrthest iv gone since haveing my eldest as my others were born at 30 weeks and i 4got how tuff it treally is tc hun and i hope it wont be long 4 u babe xxx
  • Wow I could have written your post ! I've got 12 days to my due date and it feels like a lifetime still, plus i fully expect to go overdue (first baby and all that !). I'm so uncomfortable, like you sitting means babys bum in my ribs, walking is getting very difficult, back pain is horrid. Every time I have a twinge I hold my breath hoping its the start of something but it never is !

    MrsW 38+2
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