second hand?

hi all, iv heard you are not supposed to buy second hand mattresses for cots, is this the same for second hand pushchairs?? thanks


  • not so much for pushchairs, but car seats.
  • I was told second hand pushchairs are fine especially considering some of them on ebay and places like that are practically brand new! U need to be careful with carseats and ensure that they haven't been in a crash or damaged or nethin
  • Pushchairs as far as we are advised are fine second hand but you should NEVER use a second hand car seat regardless of what you think you know about it. Second hand matteresses are also a big no!
    Think about it, I know some of these things are alot of money, but do you really want to put your child in danger for the sake of a few pounds?
  • of course not!! just wondering coz a friend has one she said could buy form her,

    but we will be be buying new everything eles
  • Miss Natasha is right - its a big no no to second hand matresses (because increased risk of cot death) and car seats (in case they've been damaged) and dummys and teats (because the rubbers can perish) - but pushchairs are fine as is anything else - don't feel obliged to get everything new for baby - some things are used for such a short time that you can buy really good quality second hand baby things.

    There's no shame in second hand. I have plenty of friends and relatives who could happily afford to buy everything new but don't because they realise there's no harm in second hand for most things.

    Personally I would be happy to use a second hand car seat given to me by an immediate relative if i were 100% sure of its history e.g. if my sister gave me hers however I would never trust a second hand one from a stranger or even a work collleague or acquaintence because you just cant be certain.
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