What else can i try....?

to get this baby out????
I've been on the raspberry leaf tea, the fresh pineapple, chilies. Am i missing anything?
Avoiding sex as the last time we tried i ended up in hospital with a severe bleed.
I'm getting desperate now though!
Clare 40+2


  • Oh poor you, have you tried a very hot curry?
    I really do think all these suggestions are just old wives tales though, baby will come when its ready.

    My lo came on her due date which was great, thank god though coz I dont know how I would have coped going over my due date I think it would have driven me mad

  • Go for a long walk on rough ground or a bumpy ride in the car - jump on a trampoline? I think a good idea might be to go out shopping or something - just coz it would be typical you'd go into labour in public! Sadly sometimes they just dont want to shift - my oh's aunts son is 5 weeks and she tried everything and was still 16 days over and had to be induced!!! x
  • Hi MrsC, ive tried and tested everything, rasberry tea, pineapple, hot baths, long walks and shopping but still nothing, only thing ive not tried is sex but oh doesn't want to go down that road as he feels horrible doing it front of baba, aw
    I'm due today but think bab will come when ready im afraid to say xx
  • wow, that's a lot of info!
    i had heard the nipple stimulation thing before, but i also read that you'd need to do it for 3hours a day for it to be effective!!!! i know i'm on maternity leave and don't have much else to fill my time, but that seems excessive!
    Happily munching on another pineapple right now - if nothing else at least it's full of vitamins!!:lol:
  • Well I'm screwed if I go over - I can't stand pineapple or curry! Hope baby gets a move on for you!
  • Try the shopping thing - but do it in Mothercare, cos apparently if you go into labour in one of their stores, you get loads of free stuff for a whole year!!! Apparently Tesco do something similar too - so you could try there aswell!!!
  • Don't you have to eat about 40 pineapples? ...
  • Sorry to say I tried everything with my last baby, and still ended up been induced at 41+3, so i think its safe to say these babies dnt come until they are gud and ready. Kerry xxx
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