Labour Length

Does anyone know if there is a link between labour times within families? My mum told me to tell my MW that out of all her labours (four in total) the longest was about 5 1/2 hours, and my sister's was shorter than 5 hours

17+6 x


  • Hi there wasn't for me. My mum had a horrible long labour with me and I had a really quick 1st labour. Both my mum and mil were jealous! My MIL had 5 long labours (talking days not hours!) and I only spent an hour and a half in a delivery room!!
  • mine was different to my mums and my sisters, so im not sure. your mw would probably know xx
  • Oh man I hope this is true my mum was in labour for 4 hours with me and then 8 with my sister. She had a little harder labour with my sister but mum did not even know she was in labour with me.

    She went in for a check up and they said your in labour and she was like no I am not would I not have pain, she was 19 then and she had me 4 hours later.

    K xx
  • It would be good wouldn't it? But the law of sod says we will have days-long labours too! x
  • my mum was in labour 3 days with me and i was in labout 4 hours with my daughter so i fink it all goes on ur body... thu say ur 2nd it ushally quicker so hopin this is the case :Px xx
  • hi its not the case for me my mum was in labour for 3 days with me and 8 hours with my younger brother with my 1st my labour was 3 n half hours and my second was 45 mins and im a smaller frame than my mum hope i get to hospital this time lol
    claire x
  • Oh my god i hope not. My mum was in labour 3days with me before emergency section then 2days with my brother. I'm praying for it to be over quickly! Lisa 15+5 x
  • me and my mum are round the other way, she had quicker labour than me, my dad went out to get her some bits and missed the whole thing! I started to get contractions early hours of friday morning had my daughter lunch time saturday.
  • mine was very similar to my mums....1st 24 hours or so long and second one very fast ...both of us only just got to hospital on time and had baby within the hour image .........

    katie are u over here for a reason :lol: :lol: ..just kidding hun........ im wondering why i keep popping in just nosy though not maybe pg image :lol: xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Def was for me. We both had long first labours. Also both of us our contractions werent strong enough, both had the drip that makes them stronger and ended up with an epidural due to exhaustion. Both of us got told we may need c section due to babys position but babys moved nesr the end.

    Freakily similar. I hope my little girl doesnt end up going through the same!!!
  • Sorry - no connection at all - you have no clue on how it will go til you get there, every body's body is different and so is every baby. My LO took 3 days and i'm praying #2 will fly out!!! lol
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