Where is MrsJohnstone????

Is it just me, but the labour update hasn't been around for a day or so.... I know she posted yesterday, was it? for Jbean but other than that i'm lost to where baby Johnstone is upto ??? Anyone have any news????

Gem 34+3


  • nah not yet i posted a thread yes asking but i dont think any 1 knows lol i think shes ok cos she had a text of j bean that shes ad her baby shel be next bless her in the next few days i reckon xx
  • Hey!!

    Im here girls!! Altho i dont want to be :lol:

    Ive been cleaning cupboards etc all week and doing tax returns for me and hubby so not been online much, trying to keep myself busy hehe!

    Aww im now convinced im gona go late lmao :lol:

    Sharon xx


  • FFS! This site is doing my head in, eats my posts!! Cmon BE people.. GET IT SORTED!!!!!!!! :lol:

  • awwwwww!! i always assume your absence is a good sign. she's giving you a run for your money this little lady isn't she - think you'll be in the record books for longest labour ever at this rate. How are you feeling? xx
    Gem 34+4
  • hope it happens for you soon hun. good luck! xxx
  • Thanks girls!

    Had more pains than usual last night, even through the night, but they seem to have eased off this morning :evil:

    Hopefully soon.

    Sharon xx

  • Lovely photo hun! GORGEOUS! So whats happening with the hot baths and all the sex? Sod the tax returns, that won't bring her on any quicker lol! Hope you feeling ok sugar x
  • Welll... had a hot bath last night then sex and i had a huge walk round Asda before that, and then i started getting these pains about 10pm ish... Why do they stop?? :x lol

    Its just not fair!! image

    Sharon x

    (p.s- i am replying but i bet i doesnt work properly, BE are gona ban me for moaning soo much eh? image) xx
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