heartbeat on home fetal doppler? advise please girls x

Hi all
I posted on here about 2 days ago saying i was getting a lot of cramp and pulling pains. I have a doppler at home I bought and you listen to heartbeat and it shows the babys heartrate. I have done it about 3 times in past 2 weeks and its always been abot 130-135 beats. because I have had more pains today, and more painful, i just thought id check the heartrate again. Im so gutted and worried because it was really slow and was coming up as 83-89 beats!!! isnt that really bad. im petrified now that within a few days its little heart will have stopped altogether. I have had no bleeding, but last time i m/c I had no bleeding, so im worried baby isnt doing too well with a low heartrate.
Has anyone else got a home doppler, and what rates are you getting? Im 13 weeks.
Hope someone can give bit of advise.. im convinced something going badly wrong
caz xx


  • That sounds like that could be your heart-beat Maybe your baby has moved. Although I would definately get yourself an urgent appointment.

    At thirteen weeks my midwife wouldn't even try to find my baby's heart beat she said it was too early i had to wait till 16 weeks and then she didn't tell me how fast it was beating. the dopplers i have seen are not reccommended for use untill at least eighteen weeks. where did you get yours from?

    I am just over 20 weeks now and have only heard my lo heartbeat once at 16 weeks.
  • Hi, it was deff the babys, as i know its in same place/side as was 2 days ago.. and i tested my own heartbeat on my chest and due to nerves it was 110-120, so I know that theres deff a difference in the babys compared to the other day, and i can hear the wind/wooshy noise in the womb too.. so it deff baby. I think i will deff have to get some advise tomorrow!
    Im searching like a mad woman on the net at the min trying to find out what it should be in range of.. but not having much luck so far.
    caz .. (stresses) xx
  • It should be about 120-140 i think. Can you not ring antenatal ward and get them to check it tonight.

    good luck
  • you must be so worried, you understandably bought this to put your mind at rest and its ended up worrying you even more. if you didnt have the doppler you wouldnt know any different, and maybe its normal for heartbeat to change just as movements etc change. maybe phone your maternity unit and ask, or do the instructions not suggest what is a normal heartbeat, (although im sure youve already checked that sorry!)but most of all try not to worry as im sure most woman dont have dopplers at home and they dont know whats going on with their babies hearts and the worrying will be doing you no good, x
  • Hi Monica, if your heart was at 110-120 beats a minute you would have chest pains and be very ill. Im a nurse and i really think you have got it wrong and that this is your babys heartbeat. Make an appointment to see your midwife or go to your local hospital. I know the midwifes dont recommend trying to find a heart beat before 16 weeks and even then they can sometimes have difficulty. Also at 13 weeks the baby is moving all the time and wouldnt be in the same place it was 2 days ago. Try not to worry, i think the woosh woosh sound you are hearing is the blood passing through the placenta. Try and relax and lye down and rest for a while then try the doppler again although they really can cause you worry when you cant find a heartbeat but thats normal at 13 weeks. I would call your local hospital and explain this to them and about your other misscarriage and they should take you for an immidiate scan. Let me know how you get on. x
  • have just remembered, that with my first, i was told that the babies heartbeat was double the rate of my own...if that helps!
  • Hi ganzo.. mine was fast at the time and had doppler on my chest.. not down below, so that was deff mine.. i was just having a panic when heard other 1 was 82, and was low on my right side, same as 2 days ago.. only place i could pick it up.
    I am worried due to prev m/c, but i really do apreciate your advise as a nurse. Thanks to all others for comments too.. I just know the other day it was 135 now 82..and its frightened me.
    I understand most people dont have a doppler, but i got 1 early cos of last m/c with NO symptoms, as didnt wanna go thru it again.
    I guess i will try and get some sleep and try in the morning before ringing midwifes. I couldnt go 2note anyway as I have 2 littleones in bed and hubby works away.
    Thanks guys.. all i can do is hope and pray, and what will be will be
    caz xx
  • Hi Monica, i will be thinking about you, let me know tomarrow how you get on and if they can take you for a scan. xxx
  • Hi ya hun

    I had midwife appintment today where she listened to the heartbeat and i asked how fast it should be she said between 110 and 160 so 89 is definatly too low.The baby moves around so much though hun you might just be picking up and echo or trace of the baby's heartbeat making it sound slower, trust me it took ages for the midwife to find it today and keep it long enough as my LO kept moving away from her.

    Check in a different place and make sure its clear, if your sure your picking up the babys exact heartbeat and its still that slow i really urge you to contact your midwife asap as its far too low.

    Im sure everything will be ok the hun try not to worry, it took me ages to find babies heartbeat yesterday because she/he had completely moved from couple of days before.

    charlie x 16+1
  • hiya! that definetly doesnt seem right, if i were you id ring the midwife 2night as she may be able to pop out and check on you and put u at ease. hope everything goes well xx

    hannah x 36 weeks
  • I got my doppler at around 13 weeks and half the time found my heartbeat instead of babys.. which has worried me before now. if you are listening in line with your bellybutton there is your pulse there that you could be picking up.

    maybe you could try getting your oh to listen for the heartbeat after you have been lying down resting for a bit - I know my hubby always finds baby easier than I do. Also we found that baby moved around so much that sometimes the heartbeat was really really low down and hard to find and sometimes higher up.. so don't count on your lo staying in the same place. The midwife also told me that you hear the heartbeat through the babys back easier so when its hard to find it cans ometimes just be babys position.

    I can totally understand your worry - I too had no bleeding and a mmc last year.. and I bought the doppler for reassurance. I've usually counted the heartbeat myself at around 130 -140 bpm, but the midwifes doppler usually says around 145-155bpm.

    Contact your midwife if you are worried..that is what they are there for - and although they don't like to try to find heartbeats before 15 weeks, it is possible - I begged my midwife at 12+2 and she did find the heartbeat after a few minutes. Have you had your 12 week scan yet? My mw said htey don't usually like to try for heartbeats until after the scan because they don't want to worry people unnecesarily... but if you are already worried then they should be there to reassure you.

    Thinking of you and your lo
  • hi all.. charlie has added a new topic titled magic monica.. I have put an update of todays events on that post!!!
    Thanks for all your kind comments
    caz xx


  • Fao of Tiger lily
  • Fao of Tiger lily
  • So I have had my tube tied for 6 years. Recently things have changed including eating, sleeping, I have breastfeeding milk, and I feel movement. I also have a "baby belly".  Dr's seem to not know what's going on. Beside I have a prolapse uterus... I bought a fetal doppler. I found a heart beat of 136 to 141. Where as mine was 85 to 90... what would you think... I just want answers but the Dr's are not even concerned I might be pregnant. It's kinda scary

  • wow Samantha it definitely sounds like your pregnant and also not in the early stages. Maybe go see a different doctor and demand a scan, that will give you all the answers. please let us know how you get on.

  • I've been to 2 drs. Because they don't see a baby, they don't think there is one. I go back to Dr in a couple days and I'm gonna make them listen for a hb. 

  • How did you get on at the doctors Samantha? Im curious to know what happened.

    Have they heard the HB now? Have you thought of going for a private scan so you can find out for sure and put your mind at ease.


  • I went in because I had breast milk. And after 6 yrs of my tube tied I figured that wasn't normal. The Dr Friday told me that it was impossible to be pregnant because I've had my tube tied and because a test was negative.. he refused to listen for a heart beat. And wants to do an exploratory surgery. So we will just see what happens. I'm taking care of myself as if I am. Maybe it's something else that is wrong. Who knows. 

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