Wanting to move house - again!

Well we moved into this house just over a year ago and we said at the time that we wouldnt move again until we could afford our forever home - but we didnt realise house prices were going to go down sooo much this year, and this house was a bit of a compromise on space as we didnt want to stretch ourselves.
So since we've found out we're expecting dh has decided that his outlook and priorities have changed as they do and that we should look and see whats out there. We live in a city centre terrace with very little garden at the moment and we've done a lot of work to it in the last year (I do love it inside, it's just how we like it you know very 'us'). But we've seen a 3 bed semi in a lovely area only 5 minute walk from MIL/FIL, excellent schools nearby you know very leafy but the house need a lot of work doing to it as an old couple used to live there, it has a lovely big garden you know perfect for kids and loads of space to expand so we could grow into it! It's really cheap as well (same price as ours is worth - no increase in mortgage!) as it needs a lot doing to it but it's got loads of potential you know - we've totally fell for it - arrrgh!
Do you think we should try and get it? - our house isnt even on the market, but we were even thinking of approaching one of those homebuyers companies to see if we could get enough from them for a 10% deposit (our mortage is a fair bit less than the house is worth), Id just love to bring up our baby in a lovely family house you know? I dont know - maybe we're just getting over excited, but I dont want to miss the opportunity you know? Its just so perfect, but maybe it's biting off more that we can chew - Im only 5 weeks lol!!
Any thoughts welcome


  • sounds like a good opportunity if you can make it work for you, go for it...
  • I agree - sounds fab. If you can do it then go for it - sounds like its won your heart already popsicle!!

  • i would go for it. We're gonna be moving as we need a bigger house with our 2nd baby now on the way. We have sold our house and got 4 weeks till we move but no house to move to!!! gonna have to move in with my parents for a couple of months so its just as well they have a big enough house!
  • If you've got the opportunity definitely go for it!
    We bought our house nearly a year and a half ago and have totally refurbished it. We love it from the inside but we don't like the area and we never intentionally wanted to live here it was just to make a bit of money. But that was before the market started to go downhill. Its been on the market for about 6 months with no luck and we really want to move to one of 'them houses' you're talking about! Not really looked into them homebuying companies because I thought they'd be a rip off. Do you know much about them?

  • i agree to go for it. Other half's home is currently up for sale, i have an 8 year old and we ttc, so looking for a home with enough room for a toddler and teenager.

    Go for it , i say image
  • dh is going with MIL to have a look at it tomorrow as Im at work.

    I dont know much about those homebuyers companies though I heard they only give you 70% of the value of your home, dont know how true that is though. 70% wouldnt be enough though so we couldnt do it that way if that was the case. I just dont think we'll be able to sell ours in time to get it if we dont do something like that and we dot mind losing out a bit with a homebuyers scheme as the house has so much potential - so it would be worth it if we could get enough for a 10% deposit.

    Aw we had to live with the in laws before we moved into our first house (6 months - theyre great but never again!), we sold that one just before the housing crash so we were really lucky in that way but I know what you mean about being stuck in a house you like inside but in the wrong area, it was like that with our last house.

    I guess with the one we live in now, there's nothing wrong with it really - it's just a seed has been planted now we've seen this other house - you know - the grass is greener and all that. I guess if we can get it - great if not, we're happy in this one, it's just not ideal with it being in the city and that but it could be worse lol!

    We'll see what the jury thinks tomorrow at the viewing

    5 weeks today
  • Sounds really exciting. I hope its good and theres some way you can get it. I used to live in a lovely little terrace house but my priorities changed when I had G and a house more suitable for her came up and my parents helped so that I didn't lose it.
    I know what you mean about the seed. I had the idea when at a friends house with a decent 'playing in' garden, spoke to my mum the next day, saw this on the friday and the sunday and put mine on the market on the monday. whilst waiting to sell mine I saw others but although this needed work the others just didn't measure up to it.
    Everything crossed that it works out for you.
  • Aw thanks Helen - I really hope we find a way to get it too, I mean we've had a look what else there is but there's either not enough room to extend, wrong area or just too expensive. This ones in the area we always pinned as our forever house area but we never imagined we'd be able to afford a house there until we'd saved for years but this one is in budget admittedly cos it needs a heck of a lot of work doing but at least its got central heating lol!
    I know parents really come through just when you need them dont they? We havent told MIL/FIL our good news yet but dh says they will help if we tell them but Im not ready to tell them yet and it seems a little unfair to do that. But you think youve got things right and then when you find out a baby is on the way it's funny how your whole perspective on things changes and you end up doing things you would never expect!
    Fingers crossed we find a way lol!
    5 weeks today
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