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Does Bowel Always Clearout B4 Labour?

As the title says............

Just wondering if everyones bowel clears out B4 labour or whether its just a lucky few?

MW said skwits was a really good indication of early labour or labour getting nearer, but i know of so many people who go for a number 2 during labour?

Feeling quite constipated atm (tmi sorry) all i manage is rabbit droppings! image

So hoping for a rite gud clearout sometime soon.............;\)

38 + 1


  • at least i'm not the only one with rabbit dropping like poo at the moment. its quite horrible insnt it?

  • They say squits can be a sign that labour is imminent, but personally for me it wasn't true.

  • Nope,neither time for me either! If anything I was constipated due to the pressure of babies head. Luckily I didn't go during labour either time though! K 22+4 xx
  • Never happened for me....i pooped on the table both times!! Very embarrassing, but the midwives are so used to it they didnt bat an eye, and luckily OH is not squeamish and found it hilarious! However i was induced both times so maybe that makes a difference. I've been switching between the runs and constipation for a while now, most annoying! xxxx
  • i was quite violently sick twice then they checked me and i was 7cm dilated and whizzed down to the labour ward! so glad i was sick coz of my biggest worries it pooping on the bed while giving birth! kinda hope im sick this time too! xx
  • Hun get your self some fybergel you can buy it over the counter at a chemist and it's safe during pregnancy.. not sure about clearing out before labour as I was induced.. but you really do not want to be consitpated after birth so get some high fiber into you lol and give your self a good clear out lol! xx
  • I had a huge clear out just after labour started and I was a little constipated before then.

    X X X
  • With Tegan i had been having contractions from monday night and didnt have the 'clearout' until the wed morning (11ish) and she was born that eve at a few mins to 8 xxxx
  • With Tegan i had been having contractions from monday night and didnt have the 'clearout' until the wed morning (11ish) and she was born that eve at a few mins to 8 xxxx
  • oh yeah forgot to add that once i'd been for a good poo it didnt relieve any of the pressure and i constantly felt like i was going to poo myself lol sorry tmi xx
  • i didnt get this! i had a waterbirth and no idea if i pooped myself or not,the midwife was too kind to tell me when i asked! (im assuming i did!) and i told OH i didnt wanna know! hehe xx
  • hehe

    i keep thinking im having a 'clearout' until the next one when i realise its just a big p** and nothing else!! lol

    induction tomorrow...........i really hope i dont poop during labour, have warned hubby though that its normal so he doesnt get shocked itf it happens lol



  • Vintage Rose-chances are you won't even notice! I can remember saying to my Mum and DH I was so glad I hadn't gone, and they both looked at me in shock as I obviously had done and just didn't have a clue!
    Carly 27+4 xxx
  • I spent the first hour or so of my labour on the loo as soon as i had my very first contraction i was on the loo whichh isnt the best or most comfortable plce to be when your in agonising pain. untiil i got in the pool i felt like i needed to go even tho there was nothing left. but at one point just before i started pushing i really felt like i need to go so i got out of the pool a ran to the loo but still there was nothing it was just preasure from the head coming down not very nice but its just one of the many unglamerous parts of pregnacy and birth...
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