Question about feeling twins move


I'm 16+6 with twins and I'm sure I have felt some movement for about the last week or two. It's only usually in the evenings when I am sitting still that I notice it. However, I'm sure I can only feel 1 twin move as I have only felt flutterings on one side. I'm terrified that something is wrong but have a scan on Weds so am hoping all is OK. Does anyone know if this is normal? We heard the heartbeats 2 weeks ago at the MW so am sure all is OK but have got myself worked up about this.

Thanks xxxx


  • Sorry hopping over from baby! Clicked the wrong forum and got sucked into the topics lol..Hun I don't think that you should be worried.. i've not had twins however my placenta was at the front so I didnt feel my baby move till 23 weeks maybe your placenta is laying in front of one of your twins as it has to be somewhere?! but if you are worried just get them to listen for the heartbeats! x hth
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