Anyone due this week?

Hi. I'm booked in for a c-section on Friday. Just wondered if anyone else is due/having c-section this week, and how you're feeling about it all? I'm quite calm as had a c-section 18 months ago with my first-still doesn't seem very real to me, which is ridiculous when you see the size of my bump! My only issue is that it's Friday 13th-the consultant said-there's nobody booked in on Friday-erm...yeah...I wonder why!!! I know it's just all superstition really! Emma x


  • why dont you pop over to the 'due in march' forum with all us soon to be march mums. i think there is a few due this week. i'm not due for another 2 weeks yet

  • hi emski, i'm due today- HOORAY!! at least on the final countdown now!! Am booked in for a sweep on wed if nothing happens before hand. Oh god only just realised fri was the 13th, knowing my luck ill end up having her on fri!!!!
    Well goodluck for this week, and let us know how u get on.
  • hi i'm due on the 15th.. one week today!! am hoping our little man arrives sooner tho.

    as beccie says there is loads of us still waiting in the march forum.. heres the link for it

    good luck for friday xxx
  • I'm due today too so who knows what will happen this week! Fingers crossed something does as I'm starting to get impatient. I wonder if something will happen on Friday for me as its the 13th!
  • I'm not due until 26th, but being induced on Friday 13th!!!! Yes, an unlucky day for some, but I've had a shocking time anyway so far, so it can only get better!!!!

    C xx
  • just a note to say good luck girls and dont worry about friday the 13th! its a horrible supersittion made up by the christian church to get rid of pagens! So you have no worry and everything will go smoothly!!

    Lea x
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