can others feel baby

im 17 wks preg and i put ma hand on ma tummy and i felt baby move . i might have been wrong but is it possible for others to feel it at this stage xx


  • Its possible but its different for everyone.
  • My oh felt baby move at about 17 weeks so yes it is possible. It just depends on the individual and the baby as well. Im 27 weeks now and babies so active-after that first time he never seemed to stop and the kicks were very strong right from the start. A while ago I was cuddling oh from behind and he could feel the kicks in his back.;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png

  • Yeah its totally possible my OH cud feel baby moving at 17wks. It funny now though coz at 31wks wen baby moves so does my entire tummy and it distracts OH wen he's watching tv, lol. And at the weekend me and my son Rhys were having an afternoon nap on my bed and Rhys had his back to me but his feet behind him on my tummy, baby really didnt like this and actually booted him off it was so funny. Kerry xxx

  • hiya yep its possible to feel the baby move im 18 weeks tomorrow and i can feel mine move its like bubbles and fluttering its such a funny feeling
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