Doctors Appointment

I have my first doctors appointment at 3pm and I'm just wondering what usually happens? I'm a little nervous and I want to be prepared.

Thanks ;\)


  • not a lot really happened at mine, she just checked my blood pressure, talked a bit about diet and stuff and I how I felt about the pregnancy. asked if I had any questions about anything else and that was about it! very short and sweet, she said to book my MW appt with reception, didn't say anything about booking scans etc so I asked reception and they said the MW would do that.

    I had previously dropped a urine sample in to be tested so she didn't do another test. and she worked out my due date!

    8 weeks today

  • hi gemstone

    all she will do is ask for a urnine sample, possibly take blood sample, ask you height and weigh you. give you lots or pregnancy advice and leaflets. talk about your medical history and give you an expected due date if you havnt already worked your out.

    hope all goes well

    ashy 5+1
  • hey huni not much happens at first. your gp will prob give u your date and arrange with your hospital for a 12 week scan. also book u in wiv your midwife for about 8 week.
    good luck
    luv clare

  • Thanks girls.

    I'm just really scared of needles and I have to prepare myself - I know I'm such a whimp! hehe.

  • I was in and out in 5 minutes!

    My doctor just took my word that I was pregnant and filled in some forms that he would send to the midwife. He gave me some very brief information on what foods to avoid and then sent me on my merry way! It was short and sweet but still lovely to finally have it on file that I am PREGNANT!

    Good luck and congratulations again on your BFP!

    Bec 24+6 x
  • sorry gemstone! i read your subject wrong, thought it was your first midwife appointment! ignore my post! oops think iv got a bit of baby brain today! sorry!

    ashy 5+1
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