Ive waited long enough........

Well ive been waiting a long time to do this post....

7 days and il have my little man!!!!! 7 DAYS!!!!! image

Feels so weird and hasnt sunk in at all thats this time next week hel be on his way!!! I do have my sweep on friday though which they think will do the trick....oh has said all along il have him the 22nd march, which is sunday hehe!! Heres to a weekend of pinapple, hot curries and s-e-x.....!!! image

kim 36+3



  • hehehehehe best of luck Kim, that'll be nice if you have him on mothers day! i had my eldest DD the day b4 fathers day 5 years ago keep us informed!

  • Thats really good news. I may sound really really dumb but how come they you are having him/her so early. Doesnt the pregnancy usually last for 40 weeks? My 12 yr old came two weeks early but ive been given a due date of 8th August.

    Georgie xx

    19+ 2 xx
  • Hooray!!!! How exciting for you!! x x
  • Not dumb georgie lol - i have gestational diabeties, which means large babies...my growth
    scan at 33wks showed hes already 6lb 1...so they want him evicted earlier than normal, also a whole host of other things that could go wrong, with me and him during labour due to the GD il be on drips, and monitoring throughout so needs to be a planned birth....!

    Im so excited, i just hope this week flys by......taz i was in hospital with my 2nd on mothers day too...maybe my boys like giving their mummy an extra pressie hehe!!!xxxxxxx
  • i cant believe it has come round so quickly! i must admit that im very jealous, but excited for you at the same time. you have to keep us updated when things start happening image xxx
  • Oh that explains it, at least you will meet your baby sooner than expected. Good luck. I bet your counting the hours!

  • OMG woomummy, i remember you from the ttc forum. You must be so excited. Good luck hun and hope everything goes ok.
  • Well, you already know my thoughts on the issue - IM SO JEALOUS!!!!! LOL Even the last few days has flown by since I saw you last, its crazy!

    Becky x

  • Yay, fantastic news. Hope the week flies by for you xxx
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