FAO Westbrom1

What you think u r are doing - just saw your name on the bottom lol!!!

Thought you was meant to be relaxing babe - its your last night of freedom!!!

Take care - will be thinking of you,

Love Lee


  • have you had lil one yet Westy? Missing our chats hurry back lol your one of the only ones that keeps me sane!!!!! (sorry lee had to bump this up!) hope your ok!
    huge hugs
    22+3 (and counting!)
  • Its fine mate, as you noticed she sneaked on Thursday night lol!

    Have been looking out daily to find out about lo's arrival!

    Hope you and baby are well mate, cant wait to hear from you!

    Love Lee
  • Hi guys Daisy Emily 8 pounds 8 on feb 16 with a failed induction emergency c section (nothing to do with spd) head too far in pevis unable to carry out internal examination. Havnt got time to go into details havnt slept since inducement day and finally got home last night. Very very traumatic but would do it all tomorow if i had too my beautiful girl has broken my heart. She has been bit poorly with digestive problems again nothing to do with my Daisy it was the midwifes (must of seen at least 20 in last 6 days) My oh is besotted with his petal which is name he used to use for me!! Being as he so wanted a boy!!!! Cesarian was piece of cake compared to the labour pains i went through till contractions stopped!! But i do warn yourecovery from c section is very painful!!!!! So although my pelvis is releived now replaced with abdominal pain. OH and my milk came through yesterday i shit myself!! Miss you guys too but its all about looking after my lo now. I know it will get easier but its allvisitors and bottlemaking at mo. Catch up with you all soon, hope you are taking it all easy and remeberIT IS ALL SO WORTH IT!
  • Oooh congratulations on little Daisy. Glad your doing well xxxx
  • Hey Babe,
    We've been dying to hear from you! Am so pleased for you -Daisy Emily is a beautiful name and I hope she gets better soon. Had 2 sections myself so understand where you're coming from.
    Loads of love to all of you and will catch up when you are more chilled
    Loads of love from Lee xxxxx
  • Woo Hoo congrats WB1....

    Sucks about the failed induction and c-section but that will soon fade from your memory...

    Daisy is such a cute name and I hope her tummy improves soon...My OH was the same as yours, completely besotted with our daughter from the minute she was born (still is)...

    I hope you feel better soon and that you manage to get some sleep...

    luv Sarah
  • big Mommy to be hugs from your newly adopted aunty debz hahahaha. Hope your ok with the SPD miss chatting drop me a line when you get time hugs debz xxxxx
  • Hi guys just a quickie while bath running . Daisy and oh asleep !! OH MY GOD! I never thought it would be this tiring. Daisy having trouble getting wind up so screams for few hours after a feed. Got some infacol so hopefully that will help. Had very little sleep while pregnant and getting none really now. PPrefer oh to sleep as he has to drive. Its affecting ability to think now though! Spent another morning at hospital yesterday it was like returning to a horror storyafter spending 5 days there! Daisy much happier and settled now at home. Cesarian is muchnharder than i ever imagined. Midwife keeping an eye on scar as weeping and may get infected! They tell you nott to do too much but even nursing Daisy then getting out of chair strains on it so it is very hard. I am thinking of you all and hope that when Daisy is few, weeks older will be able to chill bit moe and see how your all doing. Havnt read any posts so hope Lee Debz Lara Zoe and every one else is ok, and when you have your spring babies i will beable to give you advice on constipation !!!!!!!!!!! I needed a forcps delivery of my first POO or STOOL as they refer to it!!!! Jesus i sat on toilet for an hour and half with a carton of oj!!!!!!!!! See Debz i still have a sense of humour its just that its been in hiding as it makes my stitches hurt!!!! I also cry very very easily, and i said shit and bollocks in front of oh mum yesterday when oh used the boiled water for formula to make cups of tea. I then cried cus oh sighed and now everyone thinks ive got baby blues!!!!! IM JUST KNACKERD!!!!!!!!!! Love to you all Back to my bath and my beeaaaaaaaaauuuuutiful girl xxxxxxxxx
  • Oh honey, you sound shattered but I bet you wouldnt change a thing.
    I remember the constipation I had after Keiran and I felt like I had given birth naturally afterall (from my back passage) forgot all about that so thanks for reminding me lol
    I hope you are getting lots of help from hubby and family and arent doing tooo much - i know it can be easily done but please be careful.
    Am sooooo jealous babe, cannot wait for my little man to get here. Please try and put some piccys on for us - would love to see your little treasure!
    Love & hugs,
    Lee xxxxxx
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