when?? lol

when does this extra energy come lol i am 16 weeks pregnant and i still feel quite groggy and have a lack of energy i feel tired and drained i have a 4 yr old daughter who is a bit of a handful. the morning sickness came and went easily have the odd moment tho lol but then the dreaded cold bug has taken over me anyone else feeling groggy still ? share it with me so i know i am not alone lol image


  • No youre not alone, I have the same thing. I was full of energy in the first 12 weeks and my morning sickness went easily about 10 weeks! But now I just feel shattered and am asleep by 10 every night, which isn't like me. People go on about 'blooming' in the 2nd trimester but I reckon its a load of crap, I'm 19+1 and don't feel any brighter! x x x
  • awww thats good to hear , not that u feel rubbish too but someone else feels like me i reckon its a load of tosh too lol maybe the blooming will come soon lol xxx
  • I've had loads of spots too, I get a new one everyday lol and my hair is just horrible. I've also got eczema all on my hands, I don't look very attractive at the moment x
  • yea i have loadsa spots too one new each time i awake its like the pregnancy fairy feels the urgency to deliver to my face each nite and as for dry skin thats another story. my hairs wild and i use all sorts of products oh the joys lol xx
  • Yeah, I have heard if you don't bloom it's a girl. If you go on Babycentre.co.uk there is a huge list of all the old wives tales! However I've looked at them and decided my baby is a hermaphrodite. LOL. I suffered from morning sickness and don't bloom, which means girl. But then I've only put on weight on my belly, which means boy. Apparently. Find out in 6 days x
  • haha tigerlily thats me too lol i am really round at front too only place am carrying is on belly apart from my new free boob job lol awww bet ya cannot wait to discover the sex. xxxx
  • i never bloomed!!! and im having a boy! xx
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