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How do u do a birth plan. Is it sumthing u do wiv the midwife or do i hav 2 write 1 myself? x


  • There is a birthplan guide in the welcome box at the top left hand corner of this webpage & you could use it as a starting point.

    Your birthplan is usually done by yourself but a midwife will answer any questions you may have regarding your birthplan & give you guidance on any decisions you may make.

    The only advice I would have as regards a birthplan is to keep an open mind as you never really know how labour will pan out especially if its your 1st baby.

    Take a look at the guide & if you have any questions there is usually someone on here that has some experience of it them that would be able to help you

    Good luck

    Hilary x
  • i agree. i wouldnt set anything in stone. just take each thing as it comes. i dint actually write much in mine just that i would wait and see on the day and thats what i did.
  • Hi

    I agree with the other ladies.
    Do make it clear what you would like in an ideal situation (it might happen) but be prepared to be flexible.

    I wanted to use a Tens and gas & air but the Tens irritated me and G&A made me feel sick. I didn't want an epidural but ended up having to have one for my stitches anyway.

    If you have particularly strong feelings about any aspect of the labour or birth then make sure you speak to the MW as soon as you get to hospital. Be prepared for shift changes and remember to tell each new MW that attends to you.

    Good Luck x
  • I havent written a birth plan as i dont know what to expect! I have told my hubby and mum ( who will both be there at the birth) what i would like to happen. My MW told me that you have to be careful with what u write. For eg; If you write No epidural they will not give it to you even if you change your mind half way thro or your OH is biting at thier ankles to give it to you. Its a bit like a contract. So be flexible.
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