Not as much movement as i expected...

Hi girls,

I'm 19 +3 and first felt the baby move at about 15 weeks but since then the movements haven't really got any stronger and don't seem to be very frequent. As i felt LO move early i though he/she would be kicking properly by now but i've hardly noticed it recently and when i do its just really gentle twitches not kicks as thought. I've checked the heartbeat with my doppler and it seems fine just a bit worried about the lack of movement.

Do you think this is normal...? :\?

Thanks Gem


  • hi i am also 19+3 how spooky! i started feeling movements early too, i put it down to being my second baby. up until yetserday i was worrying the same as you as ive been feeling tiny wobbles more than kicks for ages, but yesterday i felt much stronger movements all of a sudden. always when i am in bed, hardly ever notice it during day much, unless ive just eaten chocolate or something. i too have a heart doppler and use that when i am a bit worried, just wanted to let you know you are not alone in your worries, and i am sure it is normal..i have heard that movements can feel less strong if placenta is at front (cant remember what technical term is) but i dont think sthat is anything to worry about x
  • Thanks girls,
    That is spooky us being exactly the same time!! May 25th?? Good bank holiday timing, they will definitely thank us when they are older, think of the birthdays they will have!!
    Bubba still not moving much, getting frustared more than anything but very good to know its quite common. It is my first too so i guess i'm luky to have felt anything as early as i did. Thanks for putting my mind at rest x
  • I was 19+4 when I felt the first kick, so a lot later than you. The kicks made me jump at 20 wks but now they're nothing, just tiny wriggles! I guess I expected oh to have felt it by now, and expected my bump to move lol. But no luck. At my scan I found out I have an anterior placenta which is why I don't feel much as the placenta cushions the movements. It's VERY annoying and frustrating, I've tried everything, cold drinks, chocolate, warm baths, lying down. Doesn't work!!! x x x
    Philippa, 23+4 x x x
  • my lo didnt really start kicking till about 19 weeks and im 24+4 now and he has settled in to a pattern cos im working full time on my feet all day he hardly ever moves then 8 half 8 at night he doesnt stop but this is when im chilliin at home try tapping your belly to sometimes that works x x
    jem x
  • Hi all. I'm 19 +6 and also felt early tingles here and there in tiny areas. But I have also wondered when you really start to feel them. This is my first and I thought it should be getting stronger. I too hve a doppler and I can hear movement and heartbeat very strong. I'm due on 23rd May
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