Worry taking away special time?

Hi ladies I was just wondering how many of you are feeling so worried about things going wrong that its taken all the specialness and fun out of pregnancy.

I really thought I would be so excited about this but I just feel so scared it will all go wrong I darent get excited at all and really dont want to tell everyone.

I have a son who is ten and had a mc 9months after him. Now I have been trying for a baby since August and am 7 weeks today but just feel so depressed at not being able to enjoy it I really didnt think I would feel this way.

Every twinge worries me, any ideaas how to get over this or when it might start to ease up?


  • lol i worry as i'm a worrier not sure whats to enjoy about being pregnant in the early months as you feel so crappy and there isn't much to say hey i'm pregnant other than a lil bump. i can't wait till i feel lil bear and then i'll probably feel more at ease and enjoy it but at the moment i'm not sure what it is i'm supposed to enjoy does that sound wierd?
  • Hey hun...I don't think it ever does ease up tbh. I haven't had a mc, but this is my first pregnancy and I've been stressing since the off, lol. I had first trimester bleeding and worried up until 13 weeks when I bought my doppler. And now I have my 20 week scan on Monday and can't stop worrying if something is awfully wrong with the baby :cry: Sorry, I don't sound very positive, but worry is really hard to deal with, I thought pregnancy would be easy.

    I know what you mean, it does take away from the excitement a bit, I guess we just have to smile & look on the bright side - I'm sure everything will be fine for you hun x x x
  • CrochetMom, that dont sound weird at all. It's exactly how I felt! I felt my baby move the first time last night but I had been worrying about when I would feel it and that I haven't felt it again, it's sooo hard x xx
  • lmao its funny everyone in rl and on here too says enjoy it its your last moments of freedom but really freedomn was like 12+weeks ago b4 the sickness and tiredness and pregnancy lol you don't actually enjoy the pregnancy until there is regular movemnt and then you end up fed up of being kicked in the bladder or lung or where ever so you enjoy it less as you get further into it lol by the sounds you only enjoy the period from 16 weeks till about 30ish weeks lol basically the second trimester is the enjoyable bit for most.
  • Im the same. I am so happy im pregnant but part of the enjoyment is taken away as there are so many things to worry about. I had spotting very early on then bleeding about 10 weeks so that was a worry. The relaxed after my scans then worried for my triple blood test results (which came back fine) and then there was my 20 week scan which was also just amazing. I relaxed after my anomoly scan But now ive got a whole load of other worries! If i think im a worrier now, i bet im 10 times worse when baby arrives!!
  • This may sound mean but I am so glad I am not the only one!

    Perhaps all worry and upset until we get lo out safely, think there is so much pressure aswell as it feels like its all your responsibility until that point.
  • Yep you're right, there is so much responsibility. I've already done 1001 things you shouldn't do when you're preg, I can't seem to control myself or remember anything! I need to write a list...My mw said not to worry but I can't help thinkin when I go to my scan On monday they will say something is wrong and it will be my fault. Oh said don't be silly it's not your fault but would he actually think that if something happened? I didn't have the triple blood test and now I'm starting to regret it I guess
    x x x
  • not having the triple tests as my baby will perfect no mater what image
  • My eldest son is 14 and I worry bout him just as much as I do this lo am carrying now - so sorry but the worry never stops! I think that is part and parcel of the "mother gene" we will worry from conception right through their lives!
  • oh im so glad im noy the only one.

    i just dont feel pregnant at all....ive had a few cramps, and im constantly thirsty so im weeing a lot but other than that nothing. no sore boobs, sickness, tiredness.....anything!

    ive only told my OH and best friend (as shes a couple of weeks ahead of me!) i dont want to tell anyone until i know everythings ok, and i can be a little excited about it. hoping some symptoms will start soon then maybe ill feel more reassured! im only 6 weeks gone so guess its just too early....

    wishing everyone all the best with their pregnancies!!

  • not having the triple tests as my baby will perfect no mater what image
    I didn't have it as I thought that & thought it would make me worry excessively if I got a high-risk result. Which is unlikely with my age (19) but not impossible in any way. And I wouldn't want an amnio either.

    But now I'm wishing I'd had it, just to be prepared! There are some conditions where they recommend a termination cos the baby wouldn't survive to birth anyway, and I would rather have 1 at 16 weeks then 20+ weeks.

    Sorry I'm making this thread very morbid :\( But I feel that way at the mo. Convinced something's wrong. Oh keeps reassuring me, but I can't stop worrying about this stupid scan! I didn't have a 12 week scan and that don't help!
  • hi im a worrier anyway i didnt have my 1st scan until i was 17 weeks so i was a bag of nerves when i went in2 the scan room the nurse said to me r u ok??? because i looked like i was gonna faint i was hanging on to my b/friend for dear life but they were really good to me and put me at ease and everything was fine so we went public after the scan but now im scared about the blood test result which we get on xmas eve i guess i will worry about every thing lol
  • i was petrified when i found out i was preg again after i had a MC in jan, and when i done the test i burst into tears my husband came home and didn't know what was going on, so in floods of tears i told him i was preg and he said 'so why are you crying?' i just said 'i'm scared' really couldn't bare the thought of losing this one too!
    And i did go to the loo every 5 mins to check for any bleeding!
    But after a while i just thought whats meant to be is meant to be and if its gonna happen then panicking about it isn't going to help, if anything it will put more stress on my body!
    Obviously i still worry something will happen to him, now i'm 35+6 and worrying that he will be ok during the birth! its natural but try to relax just because you have had one MC doesn't make it anymore likely you will have another!
    Good luck

    Samantha 35+6
  • Hi girls,

    I just wanted to say that the worrying doesn't completely stop but does ease up a lot as you get towards the later stages. This is my first and the time dragged to start with...waiting for the 13wk scan, then the 20wk scan, then waiting for movements etc. But once I got to about week 25 I've felt a lot more relaxed as you feel so many movements so you know your little one is hopefully doing OK and you've got through all your scans OK. I would also recommend buying a doppler because listening to my baby's heartbeat reassured me on so many occasions during those early stages - I wouldnt have been without it!
    Love n hugs xx


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