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Hi hon

Did I read somewhere that you might have to have a section with spinal???? I feel like I've jinxed you now after what I said in that other post - aaaagghh!!! When do you find out?



  • haha!yeah u did lol!Went for a scan when i was 30 weeks n cus i'd been having lot of braxton hicks all mrnin my consultant did an internal(lovely,not!!)He said ooh that stitch is in tight im not sure i'll b able to remove that!i was like wot!!he agreed to try at 35 wks cuz id really prefere a natural birth if possible but he said itd b safer for me to have a spinal rather than general at that stage,like u said!(now im scared,never had 1!)He then said not to get my hopes up n that if he cnt remove it i will have a c-section at 38 wks!!All seems to be happening so quickly!In mad rush to get the nursery done now as i'm worrying if hes doin all that yanking in there that baby may b earlier than expected!o well itl all b worth it in the end wnt it.Baby was nearly 4lb at the 30 wk scan so think shel b a good weight!how r u feeling hun?


  • Oh no! Yup, I'd get that bag packed double quick hon - it does make you wonder doesn't it about whipping it out at 35 weeks. Why doesn't he take it out at 38 weeks and then if you do go into labour at least you're a bit closer to due date anyway? Get me - cos I'm a qualified obs now!!!

    The spinal is fine - it's the thought of it more than the actual procedure - even now I'm nervous again, but seriously it is a piece of p*ss.

    I'm ok - got really painful ligaments in my upper abdo so it's hard doing anything - like walking!

    Apart from that I'm feeling well, just hoping this little one stays where it is for the next 10 weeks!

    Gotta go to bed now - went out tonight for the first time in ages (after 8pm anyway!)

    Not long for you now - you getting excited????xx
  • well i'll b almost 36 wks when he attempts 2 get stitches out so he must think itl b ok if anything happened then.Sorry ur achey,the joys hey!God ur good goin out,i've turned into a hermit!!yea i'm getting excited now,i've been washing n ironing baby clothes!!Does the spinal not hurt then?i'll av 2 have a catherer in 2 wnt i?never had 1 of them either so thatl b scary too!i sound like a wimp now!!have u got any more scans soon?i've got 1 the week b4 goin in to av sutures removed,my last scan at 30 wks was fab,baby was face on n got to see all her features it was brill!take care hun,nice 2 hear frm u xx


  • Aw - I don't get any more scans - how come you've had so many? Had my last one at 20 weeks and that's it - won't get to see lo til it's born.

    The spinal doesn't hurt - because I was such a baby (bawling my eyes out!) the anaesthetist was so good - she used the smallest needle possible and went really slowly. I can honestly say I didn't feel anything - a tiny bit of pushing but even that was nothing. It was over so quickly.

    The only thing I'm worried about is having to have an epidural cos I'll obviously be having the section and then I'm being sterilised as well, so I don't know their policy on spinals/epidurals for this. The epidural needle is much bigger than that of the spinal which is why I'm panicking!

    As for the catheter - that is nothing, they put it in when you're numb so you can't even feel it. To take it back they just pull it out slowly. Again, doesn't hurt - just feels a bit odd.

    You'll be fine - and then you can come back and tell me all about it afterwards. I just keep in mind that Posh, Jordan and other celebs have done it so if they can I can!

  • thanx karen,dnt know y i get so many scans he used to scan me every 4 wks until i told him that i didnt mind if he wanted to leave it longer so now i get them evry 6 wks usually,think its just 2 put my mind at ease as they never found any reason for me loosing my little boy.I'll believe u then bout the spinal n catheter n then if it duz hurt i can come on here n av a moan!!hehe!wow ul b having loads done then,cesearean,removal of suture n bein sterilised!!r u feeling ok bout it all hun?r ur other kids excited bout baby?have u got much to buy for this 1?lovely 2 hear frm u xx

  • I've got nothing to buy for this one cos we've got everything left from our 4yr ds. Unless of course it's a girl then I'll be going wild!

    Yeah the scans could be reassurance after you lost your little lad. It made me laugh that you were the one that suggested not going in so often - I was like that with my consultant cos he was seeing me every 4 weeks in the hospital! Soon put a stop to that one - the idea of sitting with 30 sweaty (sometimes smelly) pregnant women for hours at a time was so not my idea of fun!

    I'm getting a bit anxious re the op - more so because I've started suffering panic attacks in the last year and I know that once I'm in there there's no leaving LOL!!! Ah well, just have to get through it I guess!

    My 4yr ds is sooooo excited about the bubs - he talks about it all the time and is always cuddling my bump and talking to it and singing 'special songs' bless him! Hope it continues afterwards mind.... my 17 year old is a bit non-plussed as expected, she thinks I've had too many kids already but I know she's secretly getting excited cos she keeps coming up to my belly and waking it up to feel some kicks! She's never in anyway so it won't affect her overly.

    Bloody hell do you realise you might only have 5 weeks left??? I'm not helping am I? LOL

    How bout your little girl (I do know her name but preggie brain kicking in!) is she excited?

    Good to hear from you too - maybe we should keep this going as a bump buddie thing til you pop yours out!xx
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