The strangest thing !

OMG !! Must share this with you -

I am 32 weeks + 3 last night after having a curry for tea and actually ate quite alot yesturday and felt pretty full and sick and still feeling it today but Ive learnt my lesson !! Anyway when I went to bed feeling real heavy and could barely move, the strangest thing happened my tummy went extremely hard and it worried me at first and thought maybe its braxton hicks - so I just thought relax and it will go away which it did but then it happened again with a weird pressure feeling as if the baby was moving and when I touched my tummy - wow !! He must have been pushing what seemed liked his whole body well most probably his bum/back area - im not to sure, it was so strange but so cool !!! The further along im getting the most strangest places he seems to appear if you know what I mean lol !!


  • oh yes, I remember it well image I'm a few weeks off feelings like that just yet but do remember how amazing it is.

    With my youngest he used to stick his foot out (he was back to back) and sometimes you could clearly see the shape of his little foot!
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