Is junior the right way round?

Hey everyone, where do you feel lo kick? I feel them really low down at the bottom of my bump and am kinda worried this means lo is lying feet first? Anyone know... xx


  • Hi Lara I'm 25+6 so plenty time for lo to turn. You've not scared me just printed what I suspected anyway! My sisters baby was breech and she had an elective section. Should I feel the kicks higher up if lo was lying the right way do you know? xx
  • im 26 -4 days weeks and i feel my lo kicks low down most of the time, only on 3 occasions have i felt them high up, dont worry we still have time i hope! image xx xxxx
  • Hmmm now I am confused because everything I feel is low down just on different sides. That would imply baby is transverse, no? How far on are you? I think I would be quite relieved to have a section tbh, not that I think of it as an easy option just have a real fear of what might go wrong during labour. x
  • Hi! My baby is engaged and I'm still feeling kicks really low down. Think it must be his arms and hands moving around! XXX
  • My lo has always been head down as far as I know, he was head down at 26 weeks and 28 weeks. It is rare for them to turn if they're already head down but a lot of breech babies turn even during labour. I feel movements all over - high, low, everywhere really - although mainly by my ribs. I wouldn't worry. xxx
  • All the movement that I am feeling is low down and my 20 week scan showed thats bubs was bottom down but there is still LOADS of time for them the spin round. I seem to remember that Millie was the wrong way up untill about 34 weeks and then she flipped round and her head engaged.
  • im 25+5 and at both my scans my lo has been lying in the transvers position. I have been feeling kicks/punches low down since about 20 weeks. Sometimes i feel them up by my belly button, im guessing some movement are the arms and some the feet.
    Try not to worry. My friends baby was in the breech position all the through her pregnancy and turned so it was head down at around 34 wks.
    How many weeks are you now mummym? xxx
  • my baby is also almost engaged so cant turn around and i feel movment right down at the bottom i supose babys arms and hands can feel like kicks,
    midwives usualy dont like it if your baby is still breach at 37 weeks so you have plenty of time for baby to get into the right position hun,
    good luck

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