does anyone know if its possible to get pictures at your first 12 weeks scan, i know you can at your 20 week one and it depends on what hospital you go to, so just to let you know i will be going to the lgi where my fiancee works, does anyone know if you can get pic at the 12 week scan?



  • I think so, I got pictures from my first scan with Millie and that was at St James's. They are part of the same hospital so I assume you can at LGI as well although that was 2 years ago.
  • hiya, every body i no can get 12 week scan pics, obversly they cost! i culd even get a video if i wanted to but i tort there wuld be no point, but i was 11 weeks an bubba was bouncin! so i reconmend it, as im gutted i didnt get the video! xx
  • Hiya im at the the LGI too!! whereabouts in leeds are you?
    At my 12 weeks scan we got a picture, only one though, at my 20 weeks scan the pics are ??5 and i got given 3, thought i only had one as i only payed ??5 and there was a sign that said ??5 per picture, but i got 3!


  • I don't know about your hospital but I got 2 pics at my 12weeks scan.

    Loopy_lou - I am surprised they charged a set amount?! At my hospital they ask for a 'donation'!!

    Tara 15+1
  • Hi Tara, yeah the sign said the charges were for training!!!! Bit cheeky really in my opinion
  • With the amount Leeds hospitals charge their staff to park I'm surprised they don't cost even more!! I'm sure you'll get pics, I did at wharfedale(part of same trust 4 years ago)
  • exactly loopy_lou! But saying that, if it was my hospital I would still have paid it to get the scan pics lol xx
  • hey louise, im in horsforth in leeds, where abouts are you? Iv got my 12 week scan on the 25th of nov and I can't wait. Take care xxxxx
  • hi sarah im in adel, good luck with your scan xx
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