anyone got a car seat for mini?


oh has just put a deposit down for a mini, we tried our car seat (silver cross) in it and it seems to fit securly but front passenger seat has to be quite far forward.

have been thinking of getting a birth till 4 car seat for it that would then last - but i seem to be having trouble finding one on the internet

has anyone found one or is using one in thier mini? Is a mini one


  • The mini seats are rubbish. My mum has a 3-series coupe which uses the same BMW seat and when we tried Millie in it she hated it. I had a Mini until Millie was 6 months old and used a maxicosi cabriofix seat with the isofix base which worked fine, but like you say the passenger seat has to be quite a long way forwards. To be honest I think that it would be impossible to get a birth to 4 seat in a mini, the access into the back of the car is so tight that I don't see how you would physically get a baby into a rear facing seat that was fixed into the car. I used to have to take the seat out everytime to get Millie in and out.

    I know it really won't be what you want to hear but the only reason I got rid of my CooperS, which I had had from brand new and adored, was because it was such a pain with a baby. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news
    Kerry xx
  • thanks anyway,

    luckily i have my vw golf!
  • Far more sensible! You'll even be able to get a pushchair in that lol.
  • oh yes! i upgraded my car to the vw and got the car seat and pushchair for that really. the mini is just for oh but wanted to be able to take baby out in it sometimes, my nan wants to buy us something for the baby so was hoping to get a car seat that would last for a few years that would fit in both cars so we dont have expense in 9 months but hopefully she'll be happy to buy the next stage seat even though we wont use it straight away
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