Armpit pain

A bit bizarre I know but just wondering if anyone was suffering with this?
It feels sore, like my glands are up in my armpit. Alternative ones on different days. Feel fine apart from that.
Had Gestational Diabetes tests in Hospital yeterday and asked the MW about it then but she was most unhelpful and said it could be a hundred different things.
The thing is, I am paranid that its slapped cheek syndrome (was in contact with the virsu two weeks ago and am having tests at doctors). Does anybody know?
I have to go back for a second blood test on 6 May as the first one showed negative for antibodies (so not immune) and the incubation period is 25 days and so have to be tested then.
Am so nervous and paraniod.....



  • I had to reply, I have had the exact same thing and no doctor seems to know what it is and no one else I have spoken to has ever had anything like it during pregnancy.

    The pain I have is like a needle stabbing pain and it comes and goes. It will kind of -ping' for ages, and then I won't get it for a few days at all.

    I first had it checked at around 15 weeks and the doctor said that there was the possibility it could be shingles, but it wasn't. I have also been told to make sure I check my breasts for any changes regularly - easier said than done when they're growing at such an alarming rate! Have they said this to you? I was never aware or advised that it may be a symptom of the parvovirus (thank god, at 15 weeks I would have probably died of a heart attack anyway) what makes you think it could be?

    I am now 28 weeks and I haven't (as far as I am aware and I've had all my scans and am growing as expected - so fingers crossed) had any problems, so I think it's just one of those things.
    I have had very bad back problems though, which I have been seeing an osteopath for, and she thinks it may be something to do with that, like a trapped nerve. Since she did a lot of work around my shoulder blades it has also improved dramaticall y and I haven't had it at all in a while.

    In the past I have also had painful cysts in my breasts too (sorry if TMI) so it could simply be that.

    Regarding the slapped cheek syndrome, I stress that I am no expert on this at any level, but for reasons I won't go into I do know a little bit about this, and my understanding is that the main period of concern is before 20 weeks.

    I hope this reassures you a little bit (I sway from being completely, utterly terrified that something is wrong to just a general feeling of panic that I have learned to live with, so I do understand.)

    Obviously do check with your doctor though because again I stress that I have no medical expertise, and this is only my personal experience.
  • Hello Mrs E,

    Just wondered if you are feeling better and/or if you've got to the bottom of things?

  • Hi guys.
    Thnaks for your replys. Got it checked by GP and she thinks its nothing to worry about. She checked my breasts for me. I thought it may be linked to slapped cheek as it is one of the glandular viruses....
    Anyway, it seems a bit better today so I'm just gonna put it down to one of those things at the mo!

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