antenatal classes - alone or with partner?

I'm just wondering if you guys are taking/took a partner with you to your antenatal classes? I was planning on taking my dh but I met a friend this morning on her way to her class and she said that it's all mummies to be and no partners in her group, except for the labour class when partners attended! Would be good to get everyone else's opinions xxx



  • hello,im taking my oh with me when i go to my classes,it doesnt say not to and to be honest i think as he is being with me at the birth he should go,as since i have been pregnant my brain has gone to squish and i dont think i will remember it all!lol.though i only have two antenatal classes which i think is many do you have to go to?ive had to ask my mum to go to the 2nd one with me as my oh is away at the time,which is dissapointing,especially as my mum turned round and said 'oh your dad wants to go with you'.dont think its really somethink you want to take your dad to!:\)
  • hay i took my partner to all my classes and everyone there also had there partners with them. like sammie it doesnt say you cant take partners and hes going to have to no all this information too so instead of having to repeat it all to him he can listen for himself image i wouldnt worry what the other ladies say and take him along with you hun image

    loren x x
  • I think it depends what type of class it is. I went to an antenatal class that was being run about how to stand, sleep, lift etc didn't think it would be relevant for my husband.
    Only 1 only girl bought her other half (out of a class of 30) and he kept sniggering when we were discussing pelvic floor exercises!!
    I will be taking mine along to all the labour ones though.
  • If its the labour classes i plan to take hubby or my best friend. Hubby may not be able to go so i put it to my friend thinking she'd say no and she can't wait, i even tried to put her off by saying people may think we're lesbians but she doesn't care she wants to learn everything so that she can help me bless her.

  • Mine came with me for ours (4 classes), he wanted to come said it made for part of the experience. It also relaxed him abit cause though I've given him my books and forwarded babycentre articles it didn't seem 'real' to him and he was still panicking. And like Sammie my pregnancy brain is awful, I've already forgotten breathing techniques and will need reminding :lol:
  • My OH came along with me to our classes and all the other mummies to be had their partners too. It was really good to be able to get a bloke's perspective on some things that were being discussed and what their concerns were in relation to the birth/baby etc.
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