Moses Basket? Crib? Cot?

Am I making this more complicated than it is? Hubby and I thought we'd get a moses basket and stand and carry it up and down stairs during the day. Knowing this will only last approx 4 months we thought we might then put the cot in our room (until ? 6 months) before moving into the nursery. I have read about some mums using a travel cot downstairs. Any ideas ladies? I can then find something else to puzzle over. J x


  • We've bought a crib this time round as Millie hated the moses basket and wouldn't sleep in it after the first six weeks. We don't really have room for a cot in our bedroom. When lo is tiny we are going to use the moses basket downstairs in the day but by 3 months I am hoping to have him sleeping in his crib in the day.
  • Hey Julie, we are planning to do as you. We have a moses basket that we will move around the house as needed but when she's outgrown that, we have a cot that will be in our bedroom until 6 months. For naps in the day though once she's outgrown the basket, I will put her in her cot in our room with the baby monitor on.
    That's what my friend has just done and it works a treat. He has just just turned 6 months and the transition into the nursery at night time was a lot easier as he was used to sleeping in there in the day alone for an hour or so at a time.
    Hope that helps but I guess its whatever you feel comfortable with.

    31+6. xx
  • Thanks everyone. Want to try and avoid any expensive mistakes and a house full of unused equipment.
  • Hi Julie, this is my second and this time I am doing as follows:

    Playpen with matress downstairs (I have 2 dogs and dont want slobbery baby) and you will prob need one eventually anyway.

    Crib in our room (from Ebay fab condition and only cost 50.00 including new mattress)

    Cot in Nursery for daytime naps as want baby to get used to own room even though he or she is staying in our room at night for the first 6 months.

    Word of warning on moses baskets though my friends baby is 8 weeks this week and he has out grow his moses basket already.

  • We've been lucky this time - we have got all 3 items! Bought moses basket off ebay and a friend has loaned us a wooden crib and we've got a cotbed from my last ds.

    I will be leaving wooden crib next to our bed and the moses basket downstairs during the day.

    A word of warning now - I was carrying the moses basket down the stairs the other day, it was full of the hospital stuff ready to pack and I was just thinking to myself that this could be the baby in there. All of a sudden one of the handles slipped out of my hand and the whole lot fell down the stairs. I was soooo scared cos I was thinking that could have been the baby! Yikes - so just be careful with those handles ladies!!

    16 days to go

  • Were using exactly the same for this baby as we did our son. We have a moses basket for downstairs, a cot in the nursery and my grandad still had my crib from when i was a baby, so he had it professionallly cleaned for us and my mil hand stitched new material and bought us a new matress. It's quite big so will last a while x
  • I am like speckle and going to use a wicker crib that was mine and my sisters when we were little. My father refurbished it when i had my son 4 yrs ago and we bought a new mattress. It suited him just fine. we will do the same this time around. I am not having anything downstairs, as i never used anything before, i just used to put him upstairs for a sleep with the monitor on, in the good weather i used to put him in the garden, well wrapped up of course and with a cat net on the pram.
    My top tip is don't go over board will buying stuff that you might need , if you find you really have to have something then you can always get it when the need arises.

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