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Weight loss first trimester/anti epileptics

Hi All,

some advice please, I am 6 weeks pregnant complete shock as 2 months ago I was told I had two endometrioma cysts on my left enlarged ovary and a partial bicornate uterus! So  i didnt think I would be getting pregnant anything soon. i take 50mg twice a day of lamotrogine and I only start taking 5mg once a Day folic acid after I found out which was at 5 weeks so I’m so scared about that :-( as I’ve been told you are supposed to take it beforehand. Before I found out I was pregnant I was 48kgs and now at 6weeks I am 47kgs I feel nauseous but haven’t been sick, I don’t have much of a appetite because I’m worried I think :-(. Has anyone been in a similar situation any advice would be welcome this is my first.

thank you xx


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  • Hi @Littlemisssunshine1987 congratulations, im also on epilepsy medication (keppra) but was also offered the one your on both of them are low risk in pregnancy so try not to worry, i know people who didnt take prenatal vitamins as they either wasnt trying or was on the pill. So i wouldn't stress to much about that hun. Im on 5mg of folic acid aswell its a much higher amount so along as its in your system now im sure all will be fine, my consultant said to take it throughout the whole pregnancy not just upto 12 weeks  x
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