F**King Families! AUGH!!

I was in hospital last week because I had really bad pains & i thought i was loosing my child. The doctor told me to take it really easy because i'm at high risk of miscarriage. My cousin is saying to me her mum thinks i'm just 'being a drama queen' it took me two and a half years to coneive this child - i'm so angry and hurt! F**king family!! :cry:


  • some people dont bloody think before they open there gobs!!! im sorry ur family are being like that but try not to let it get to u as the stress wont do u or u baby any good get ur fella to run u a nice warm bubbly bath and relax
    take care Jo x
  • How horrible but after having my other half family stick their noses in i can relate! I just have to ignore them as the stress don't help with the pregnancy. Just mentally vision you sticking two fingers up at them! Take it easy now put your feet up and relax!


  • My cousin is just a child I know she is just repeating what she is hearing... nice to know your being talked about!
  • I'm sure if the shoe was on the other foot and it was your aunty who had been through your experience then she wouldnt feel like she was being a drama queen!

    Why cant people keep thier opinions to themselves - and saying that in front of a child when we all know children repeat things is very stupid!

    Slightly off the subject, but im getting sick of comments at work such as 'you'll rub that belly away' or 'stop rubbing that belly, therell be nothing left'. Why cant i rub my belly? Ive got 5 weeks left til my due date and i love stroking my bump but its not like thats all i do all day! It makes me feel closer to my baby when i give her a stroke and i thoughts that what pregnant women did! grrr
  • babe you can choose your friends but you cant choose your famuly. just ignore them. i wasprobably accussed of being a drama queen throughout thewhole of my pregnancy becouse like lots of us, i had loads of pregnancy problems. i could barely walk by the end of it,but the family members that mattere and friends hlped me out with housework and shopping etc. I went to see doctors and a chiropractor in the end and it felt so good to be actually diagnosed with something becouse you just want to be beleived. So all the others can go fuck themselves, becouse when you got your lo in your arms nothing else matters. My baby girl is 3 weeks old now and sometimes i wish she was back inside me, becouse sh was so content in there and suffered no pain. (shehas bad wind and colic now) it is such a huge responsobility nurturing our babies and if you have been told to take it easy youtake it easy. Becouse it is not worth the risk. Get your friends and family to help you and do not waste any energy on those nob heads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • oh I was also told 'your pregnant its not a Disease' I fucking know that! I thought i was having a miscarriage!! I am so far gone this would mean going into labour! God I am a human being i got a bad fright - how hard is it to say I know that must of been a bit scary I hope your okay now.. and your right to try and look after your self as you only have once chance at this pregnancy & it took you a long time to get there!!
  • Hi,
    Please try not to get yourself any more annoyed about this, i'm sure your sick of hearing this but the stress you have carries onto your baby so deep breaths!

    I have been told my the hospital that I need to rest & I had to come off on early maternity leave but my Mum doesn't seem to understand the concept of resting & goes on about how lazy I am & i'm in the house all day can I not clean it etc. etc.
    I spent last saturday which was my birthday cleaning the whole house from top to bottom, hoovering & mopping floors, dusting, washing windows so basically stretching & carrying at 36 weeks pregnant not the best thing to be doing & do you know what...my Mum didn't even so much as say thank you so I know where your coming from!

    Your main priority is you & your son so ignore them & just get on with looking after yourself. I find that I don't talk to many people about my pregnancy now because it seems that although I may have listened to their whinges & concerns when they were pregnant they are evidently bored listening to mine so you've always got this site to vent off!
    Take care!
    Lauren (37weeks) xox
  • I still feel quite angry with them.... & i know it will be brushed under the carpet like i'm making a big deal about sly comments being made about me! I just think there are a few to many rich comments coming from family members whom if they took a closer look at them selves really have no right to talk! I for one am putting my childs needs first!
  • Well sweety you will just need to remember there are people out there that take things for granted that some us have been wanting for years. One of my friends has had two babies. And she was fine and her babies were fine. She didn't even get sick have pains or anything. Infact she always forgot she was pregnant cause the only sign of it was the bump.

    And of course some of us has been in the hospital from day one. I reckon it just means that we will love them so much more. Dont even think about taking, whatever it is that they say, to heart.
    Just ignore and carry on. You love your baby and thats all that counts. And you are being extra careful. No harm in that.

    Hope you are doing better though!!!

  • I agree with Tash, ignore them hon. Better you go in an have a false alarm than sit it out at home and it turn into something serious.

    There are always people who will run you down no matter what you do, horrible it's in your family, but like someone else said, you can't choose them!

    Get on with what you're doing and just think of them as being people who are not quite intelligent enough to work out that you need support, not bitchiness. Once you start thinking of people as being unintelligent, it's hard to be insulted by them!
  • Good one Karen. I have to remember that. That actually made me chuckle

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