Anyone with constant headaches ?


Am i the only one ? I seem to constantly have headaches, most days i have to take painkillers, sometimes they get really bad & i feel so sick with them, i have had 2 days off work since the new year & just needed to lie down in a dark room. Hubby keeps saying to go to the docs but I am just putting it down to general pregnancy (i'm coming up 15 weeks). I am seeing my midwife a week tues for the first time since booking in at 6 weeks so its been a while but she isnt really that helpful she will just say put up with it - its my 3rd pregnacny so she thinks i should be an expert at the symptoms now.

Any advice appreciated

Thanks, claire


  • Hey i had these a few weeks ago my M said it was due to the hormones and just take paracetamol which did help for me and if i didn't take it it would go on for days! Hope your head gets better hun x
  • Yes sadly I have had these as well not all the time but a few times now. Had them the other day and had to take a day sick leave. I could not move till about 11ish.

    Sadly this is all normal I should have taken a pain killer but never will make sure i do that next time.

    K xx
    11 weeks
  • hi, yeh it can be a normal symptom i've had a few but if there really that bad and a lot of the time then i'd ring your midwife coz it can be a sign of pre eclampsia (not sure if that's spelt right lol). it's worth getting it checked out to be on the safe side. hope you feel better soon xx
  • hi i had a constant headache for 11 weeks in this pregnancy it was awful some days i couldnt get out of bed and the docs just kept saying its normal or your dehydrated so just had to grin and bear it hopefully it will get better soon
    claire xx
  • i keep getting headaches ive had thm since bout 8 weeks but oy oh gets alot of headaches so dnt no if realated to that but i still get thm now its horrible i get thm every day i think it cud be down to stress aswell xx
  • Yes Ive had some bad headaches, have you tried 4head? I found it really good, and also I try to drink loads of water and eat regularly as that helps
    Hope that helps you a bit xx
  • Hi

    It can be normal but it can also be high blood pressure. If you call your MW and ask her to check it, this can rule out pre eclampsia (Sorry i'm dyslexic - it was in the post above!). Also if you have dizzyness and have spots or flashing light in your vision or if your hands and feet are swollen you need to call your MW.

    Hope you are feeling better soon
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