how long did it take ....

....from speaking to your midwife until you recieved your letter telling you teh dates of your first scan.

Due to lack of communication between our Dr and midwife i had my first appt with muidwife at 11+5. She said wrote on the letter for my 12 week scan URGENT. I havent heard anything yet and I'm 13+1. I am about to ring her up, In the mean time I was wondering if you could let me know how long you all had to wait? I thought it was about 12-14 days and therefore I thought it would be alot quicker if mine was meant to be an urgent scan. Hubby isn't too happy and wants me too complain as he's a health care professional. However, I'm not that mean and said I will just enquire!

Would be good to hear from you. xxx


  • Hi Bumpety Bump,
    You are doing the right thing in phoning them, you can't leave it much longer, especially if you'd like the nuchal scan.
    I haven't had an amazing experience with midwives!
    This is my first baby and i went to see the doctor 2 days after my missed period and first positive test! He said a midwife would get in touch with me at around 8 weeks. However they didn't and from around 9 weeks I was phoning the surgery every other day and they kept saying someone would call me back.
    I ended up looking up info on the net about the nuchal scan and went to the hospital and booked myself onto a talk about downs syndrome (just incase) and at the end of that booked my scan.
    Still not heard from a midwife by 16 weeks despite *trying* to be stern on the phone (i'm a bit of a wimp sometimes!) and had to go to a + e as I started bleeding. They were furious that I hadn't seen a midwife, and obviously therefore had no notes or blood tests or anything. They then arranged for one to see me the day I came out!
    I've now got a different midwife anyway as i've got the newbie one to the surgery. I met her once at my 24 week scan and that was it!
    What i'm trying to say is you really need to stand up for yourself as things are soooo shocking these days and its not just you that they are like this too so don't take it personally like i did!
    The midwives and doctors themselves are good its just there is no where near enough of them.
    Keep on to them until you get your date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Let us know how you get on!
    Amy + pink bump!
    26 weeks xxxx
  • I've jsut nspoken to her and she was like 'oh have you not heard from them yet?' she said it was her day off and she would give them a call and let me know on monday! I'm going to text her later and get her to give me the date today as i need to plan my hrs at work! I was a bit miffed! xxx
  • Same thing happened to me hun, it was urgent as we had no way of really estimating the dates but turns out that they never got the paperwork requesting my scan (I was 14+4 by the time I had it). Sadly this was a sign of things to come - the communication between my MW and hospital was terrible as they also 'forgot' to book my 20 week scan, my first sweep, my monitoring at the hospital and finally my inducation - so I had them ALL late!
    Keep on top of it, it's the only thing to do!
  • Ive waited about 2 weeks, i received mine this morning. I'd give her a call just to check. x
  • Thanks for replying...things haven't exactly progressed.
    Tomorrow is 2 wks since i had 1st apt with mw. No apt has arrived through my door. got a msg on fri from mw sayong to give her a call back as she was off fri and today. I phone was switched off and i cudn';t leave a msg only text msg! Left text on sat morning and msg on midwife anserphone this morning. She said she was full on tues-pm is antenatal clinic so i needed to speak to her as she hasnt all my details. still havent figured out why i need an appointment just for her to get an urgent scan booked!

    Very annoyed....last time i had to wai about 40 mins for my apt...she was running late and her clock was slow which she didnt realise so didnt help.
    Will ring her tomorrow but am very tempted to just ring the scanning department at the hospital. 2wks and no answer isnt exactly what you expect from an urgent scan...i am 13+4 according to mw dates.

    well im on a whinge ill carry on...!

    booked in for a blood test last week only to be told that the person who it was with was the secretary and not the nurse. She said she had never done bloods for pregnancy before and said midwife hadnt written down enough after an hr or 2 from work i booked in for another today. (another 1hr off work) nurse said although the info was there and the person before cuold have taken my blood....oh the joys dr surgerys bring for prgenant mothers!! whinge over...just await the date for my 1st scan... !!
  • Oh my gosh what a shambles!
    My first appt with mw is on 30/11/07 (will be 9+4), at this appt the my mw will take my first lot of bloods and give me a scan date there and then so there is no waiting around for appt to come through. This was the same when I had my son in Aug 06. I cnt believe pregnant women are been treated like that I thought we are not supposed to be under any stress? Hope all goes well Kerry x
  • i was quite suprised as the surgery which i am with now (have moved house before i found out i was pg) is very new as had combined two surgery's. I thought it would be organsied! I am quite calm about the whole pregnancy but just very annoyed now as im nearly 14weeks! xxx
  • Hi Bumpety, I replied to you on the due in may forum. I think you should ring the scan department, and don't take no for an answer! xxx
  • phoned mw today and she said she couldnt arrange an appointment for some excuse she gave me in morning so she got back to me and left a msg on answerphone. Bascially she said that they couldnt sort an apt there an then so i could let her ring baring in mind she off until thurs or I could ring. So will be on teh phone first thing...apparently they lost they didn't get her fax! Did she send it to the wrong number or do faxes just get lost down the thinking she probably forgot to send it as she seemed very relaxed and not bothered on the phone!hopefully tomoorwe i will be able to post and say i ahve a date for the Scan!!! Sorry for boring you all with my lovely story!!
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