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Hey ladies,

I am going to an NCT nearly new sale tomorrow and I was just wondering if any of you have been to one before? and what I should expect to find there.

I have quite limited funds so can't take a lot of money wth me but I am dragging my mum along to see if I can squeeze more pressies out of her lol. Mainly I am looking for clothes but how much stuff should I actually get? and what kind of costs are they? this is my first and I don't even know how many baby gros I should have and what I should be looking out for. What sizes should I buy in? as I know that he will grow out of newborn quite quickly.

Any advice would really help image



  • Hi caz, I ve never bean to a NCT sale, but as you mentioned you were on a budget I thought I would tell you about freecycle. Basically its a site on the net that people can put unwanted items and everything is free! So far we have been kindly given a bottle warmer, nappies baby clothes and a bouncy chair!
    Tammi xxxx
    25+6 weeks
  • Hey Tammi,

    I can't work out how to use the website image I ended up being asked to join yahoo and my comp at work won't give me access and I don't have the internet at home.

    It does sound great but I can't work it out lol

  • i also couldnt work it out when i read about it the other day any pointers?
  • Hi you do need to have a yahoo e-mail adress in order to join this site. U should be able to do this really easily, just click on yahoo and open a free account. Once you have done this then use your new yahoo e-mail address to set up a freecycle account. If you need any more help just give me a shout.
  • Hi CazA

    Someone else asked about this on an earlier post. You can get anything from clothes to toys to prams and moses baskets, sheets - pretty much everything (apart from car seats).

    I went to a NCT sale the other week and got lots of bargains. I got a pack of 8 Next baby vests for a couple of pound, a 'never been worn' girls fleecy coat with matching mittens in immaculate condition (Ladybird make) for ??4!, i got a babygro sleeping bag in its original packaging too (cant remember the price of that), some fitted cot sheets, cardigans and a really beautiful cream pram quilt set (Winnie the Pooh) and lots other items of clothing - all for a total of about ??27. I found the sale really good and obviously everything gets washed before you use it. There were a couple of moses baskets and no joke they went within the first 5 minutes!

    My mum also bought me a moses basket and stand at another NCT sale which i couldnt get to and its georgeous. I think they are really good for picking up bargains!

    Happy bargain hunting!
  • Hey anged,

    Thank you for that. I'm getting quite excited about going now lucikly it doesn't start till 10am and we are going to get there at quarter too so I can fight to the front for the bargins lol I love shopping.

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