Headaches in early pregnancy.

The last few dys i have been getting light niggly headaches, i do suffer from migraines but these are alot milder but just wondered if they were normal in pg?

Has anyone else experienced them?



  • They are common in pregnancy hun as it's the surge of hormones.
    Luckily, so far anyway, they bypassed me but i know a few who have suffered.
    If they get so bad then speak with your GP.

  • I'm not really prone to headaches, but kept getting loads when I was between 6 and 9 weeks, not really painfull but just distracting really. I did read that this is quite normal like Kelly has said. Luckily they seem to have gone now, saying that I'll probably wake up with one tommorrow!

    Caroline xxx
  • I got quite a few in early pregnancy, some were quite painful although they didnt last for long. I read up about it and its the surge of hormones that causes it.

    21+4 xx
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