Baby Size?????????

Well i had my scan wednesday (at 19 weeks 2 days - EDD 25th August) and was having a look thru my notes yesterday and my baby girl is measuring 175.2mm (17.5cm)

After looking over my baby books i figured the average size of a 20 week baby is 15cm.

My friend Stacy is having a boy and is due the day after me (26th August) and had her scan the day before me, but her little boy is measuring 159.0mm (15.9cm)

My doc measured me at 2-3 weeks further along when i saw him a couple of weeks back but the sonographer said that new measurements wouldnt change my EDD.

Im just wondering if 17.52cm is on the large size for 19 and a half weeks???

And does this mean she might be due a little earlier as suspected??????


  • dont quote me on it but i think u can go 2cm either way of average - or is that bump measurment? Im soooo much bigger with this 1 than either of my other 2 but fingers crossed its all fluid - i dont wanna be pushing out a monster baby!!

  • I had my baby measured by the midwife at 26 weeks and he measured 30cms! She said he's a big baby - my eyes watered! image

    She said usually it's one cm for every week pregnant but there is room either way. I had my 4-d scan and the sonographer said he has chubby cheeks. I also think that the growth can slow down towards the end of pregnancy and can even out in size. That's my understanding of what the midwife said.

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