7 wks PG and need advice!

Hi, have been reading for ages and i have just plucked up the courage to write.

I am 7 weeks pregnant and Monday night gone i started bleeding, to begin with it was just pinkish blood when i wiped but as the evening went on it became worse (not flooding or heavy bleeding) but i was not in any pain. I rang NHS direct and a nurse give me some advice, implantation bleeding, when my period would have been due etc. I did ask though if it could have been because we'd had sex the day before which she said could also be a possibility. Next morning i rang the EPU but said to be because i was only 6 and a half weeks there was nothing that they could do and i have to wait untill Friday 31st for a scan when i was 8 weeks. The bleeding continued for 2/3 days then just slowed off and stopped. I had stringy clot type whilst bleeding (no big clots just stringy/bitty) but the midwife just said how common this was, but i dont feel reassured.

Noticed the last couple of days that my boobs arent hurting as much as they were, but i still have tingling in my nipples. The last few days i have been feeling sick, but dont know if this is me worrying. Still 5 days before i go for my scan and i am just worried sick.

As anyone else experienced this and gone on to have a healthy pregnancy?

I would appreciate any advice xxx


  • Hey hun congratulations on your pregnancy firstly!!!

    Please try not to worry, i had a bleed (bright red blood) for 3 and a half days at roughly 6 weeks. I was referred to the epu by my gp but at that point they only did bloods for hgc levels. They came back ok but i was told that to be sure they needed to do a scan. So i went for a scan about a week later and all they found was a sac. No beanie, no heartbeat just the sac. I was told i either had dates wrong, was a missed miscarriage or that it had stopped growing. I had to go back for another scan 2 weeks later (the longest 2 weeks of my life!!!!). Anyway when i went back for the second scan there it was on the screen as bold as brass, heartbeat pumping away!!!!! Turns out my dates were wrong but only by a couple days!!!

    It could easily be implantation bleeding, but try not to worry and hopefully the scan can put your mind at rest. It doesn't neccessarily mean bad news.

    Please let me know how you get on

    best wishes

    Suzi xxxx
  • hi there the most important thing is try not to worry as this will not help anything, just take it easy.

    i found out i was pregnant last xmas and was extremely happy as it was a first month trying and we copped out straight away, then much to my dismay at the end of january (9 weeks and 2 days) i start spotting, now this was my 3rd pregnancy and i had never had anything like this before. i then continued to spot for a couple of days (i was getting cramping aswell) then at 9 weeks 5 days i went loo doubled over in pain and just gushed, the bleeding wouldn't stop so i was rushed into hospital, they gave me an internal and told me to expect the worst, it was then confirmed the day after via scan that i had had a complete miscarriage. we were devastated.

    i then found out i was pregnant again in may, this time i tried to take it easy (but it was so hard relaxing with the anxiety over what had happened before), then at 5 weeks i started spotting again, this time i was rushed straight into hospital where they prodded and poked me and ran all sorts of tests (i'm rhesus negative and they weren't sure if that had something to do with the last miscarriage), all tests came back fine and was told to return a day later for a scan, the scan showed a baby but no heart beat, they then made me wait a further 2 weeks for another scan so they could see more (i continued to spot for these 2 weeks) when i returned for the second scan everything was fine baby was growing and a good clear heart beat could be seen. they noted it down as a threatened miscarriage, and told me to take it easy. so i did!

    i then continued to spot bleed every 2 weeks (but because of past history they had me in every time for a scan), and that carried on until i was 26 weeks, and i now have a healthy 10 month old baby boy.

    so to be truthful it could go either way, it could be your bodies way of telling you to slow down, and if anyone was that worried they would have you in for a scan straight away.

    please try to relax and i wish you all the best.
  • Hi

    I am 7.5 weeks pregant,and on Monday of last week I started bleeding, I rang the doctors and they arranged a scan at epau, where everything was ok. There was a heartbeat and it was in its sac. The scan also showed a pocket of blood further down, I was advised I would probably have more bleeding, which I have for over a week now, but it is only little and often. Another scan is booked in for me on Monday 3 November to see how I am progressing.

    Hope everything is ok.

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