Hi ladies.

anyone had or got placenta previa...mine is complete previa at 34 weeks. I gutted.

May need to be delivered next week or 37 if I get that far with no bleeding. This my 5th and have had vaginal deliveries (one was even breech) so far.

The section does not bother me I am just worried about baby been Ok and me not dying on op table and leaving OH with 5 kids!

any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks ladies

d xxxxx


  • Hi D

    I'm afraid I don't know too much about placenta previa only that it's dangerous if it goes undiagnosed. You've been diagnosed and a c-section is planned so you're not at risk honey. C-sections are so common, people even elect to have them rather than vaginal deliveries, so please don't worry about dying on the operating table, you'll be fine honey.

    I'm sure there must be others on this site who've had the same thing as you honey. It might be worth posting this message on the labour and birth forum. Maybe there's someone on there who had placenta previa and a c-section and can reassure you? Bug hugs xxxx

  • there are couple of ppl that were on here who had low lying placneta. there is a chance it may move isn't there... or at least i'm sure i heard that some where..... "while 5% of pregnancies are diagnosed with complete previa in second trimester ultrasounds will see 90% of them resolved by term and while 45% of pregnancies are diagnosed with marginal previas will see 95% resolved at term"
  • Hi dee-dee

    So sorry you are upset and worried. At my 20 weeks scan my placenta was lying low to the left and partly obstructing. I have to go back on 14th April to see if anything has changed.
    I have had 2 bleeds but it wasn't until my 20 weeks scan they picked up on the placenta. I can't offer you any advice really but just wanted to say my thoughts really are with you and I hope and pray you and your baby are fine.

    Katie and bambino.x x x

  • Thanks ladies. I have with my other 4 had low lying at 20 week scan but usually by 34 weeks it has moved. this time it has moved but lower and now completely over cervix. Poor baby is bouncing around on it trying its best to get head in there. We had clues as I have bled a lot and baby very high. I have had chronic heartburn and feel full after half a slice of toast as no room for stomach. I just did not expect to hear this! I go to see specialist on sunday and will see what he says. I am geared up for him to say that I have to come to hospital for next few weeks then deliver at 36/37. Anyway, what will be will be but after 4 normal (ish) births it a real downer to be told this.
    d x
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