Should I start to panic,,,?

That I havent bought ANYTHING for my babys arrival yet?

I hate shopping anyway but I thought that I would be excited about going out and buying baby things but im not, Ive got no urge to do so.

I dont know what im having and so I would have to buy neutral things but there isnt much around - its mainly baby gros and even then they look more like you would put on a boy.

am I the only one, or is everyone organised?


  • i am very organised this time round but i already have two and also know i am having a girl, her wardrobe is full. I was the same with my first though, just really went out and bought the essentials, if this is your first baby you will more then likely be innondated with new pink or blue stuff when baby arrives and end up having to take so much back because they dont get round to wearing everything. I wouldn't fret to much just buy what you need for now and when lo arrives you can take it from there image

    35 + 3
  • This is my second but my first is 7 so apart from the cot I have nothing. I will have a look around but I hate shopping so might have to send my husband out with a list! lol

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