How did it happen for you?

Hi everyone

I'm not pregnant yet - my husband and I are going to start trying for our first baby in June - when we go on holiday hee hee!!!

I suppose its a bit naive of me, but I just thought that you had sex and made a baby... !!! But having read up a little more, there seem to be lots of people who look at their cycles in detail, use ovulation sticks, do it at the 'best' times etc.

So I guess what I'd like to know is, did it just 'happen' for any of you / all of you? Or did you all pay close attention to your cycles / when you were ovulating etc. etc.

My husband and I just want to take it as it comes, we both want a baby but don't want our lives to become 'got to have it here - at this time - on this day' etc. I think we feel this way because we recently got married (last October) and our lives (well mine!) just got totally consumed by the wedding planning, when it was over, I felt quite empty and miserable. I want making a baby to be a really special, amazing and intimate time together and not become trying to make a baby machines!!!

Thanks for any words of wisdom!

Julie xxx


  • tbh my pregnancy was the effect of one accident at alton towers on my o/hs birthday!!! so my advice would be to go with the flow and enjoy trying!!!

    good luck xxx
  • Alton Towers???!!! tee hee!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for your reply - just what I needed to hear!!!

  • good glad i could help have fun!!!!
  • Hi julie
    i think your way is best - if you plan to have a baby, and you come on your period, the chances are you'll be sad and get stressed over it, and think things like 'omg, what if i can't get pregnant?'.
    if you just don't use anything and take things easy, things will happen if they are meant to be.
    good luck joo image being pregnant and having a baby really is the best blessing anybody could ask for.
  • my advice is to stay relaxed about it, educate yourself about your cycle length and the conception process generally but don't become obsessed and the biggest tip of all is lots and lots of sex. I got married in Oct 06 and we started trying in the new year of 07 - i had a few work trip for the first few months which typically fell during my most fertile weeks but from about june onwards we just made sure we had lots of sex - especially a week either side of most fertile period and i got my PFB on our 1st wedding anniversary! All beng well Baby will be here in July image

    good luck!
  • the first 2 timws i was pregnant we decided we wanted to have a baby so just had fun lol, ended up pregnant within 2mths both times and this time the condom split,lol
    i think you should just have fun, it may not happen straight away but im sure if you get as much practise in it will happen.

  • HI there we tried for three months before getting pregnant, best thing to do is just relax. I was disappointed when I didn't fall straight away but then a week before we got married we went on holiday for a week and chilled (couln't have sex all week as staying in someones else house and they were in the bedroom next door.) Anyway the day before our wedding I came on, which was a shock as wasn't due for another week! Well what do you know though 10 days later I was I think its best just to enjoy the "making" and you will fall!
  • Hi Mrs Joo..

    I got married in may and me and hubby were of a similar frame of mind, we wanted a baby but didn't want to 'plan' or think about it too much so just stopped doing anything to stop it and had frun, relaxed and waited to see what happened! I got a positive result at beginning of Dec and our families were very shocked (but happy!) when we told them as thought we would have told them we were 'trying'. Tried to explain we were just going by old fashioned let nature takes its course and everyone seems to think we were abit odd!

    I guess it could have happened sooner had i worked out ovulation and layed with pillows under me for 20 mins after (!) - but we didn't want sex to become about just about baby making, and for our lives to feel normal and fun while we it happened it seems we concieved after a few too many at our local one night - not the best advert i know but fun nethertheless.

    Sorry for the rant - i guess its just nice to hear other people feel the same as all i've ever heard is people are 'trying' or using contraception! Good luck..!!xxx
  • Me & hubby decided to start trying in September and didnt want to become obsessed - just lots and lots of babymaking sessions. We did think it would take some time as I turned 38 in October! Anyway on 19th October we found out at hospital (suspected hernia!) that we were pregnant! Reading the stories on here bout ttc realise we must be lucky but we were chilled and just enjoyed it (lots lol)!! Hope the relaxed approach works for you love Lee
  • We were trying but not if you know what i mean if it happened it happened but it took us 2 years, then when lo was 2 decided to have another got pg straight away but sadly lost it, but carried on trying and took us 3 years by this point we went to docs and had tests and hubby was fine but i have pcos and we went for ivf and was going for second appointment and found out i was pg then when my lo was 4 weeks hubby and i tried things out after the birth and the condom ripped so went for morning after pill as didnt want any more as had one of each and i am 15 weeks pg with my third lol and my lo is 19 weeks so i have had both, but never really got into it by ov sticks etc just tried more around time i might be ovulating.
    vikki xx
  • Hey Mrs Joo

    We didnt think about having a baby together as i only got one ovary due to large cyst that weighted 3-4 pounds and its wasnt cancer thank god!!!

    Anyway cut long story short we spilt up for a while as we was getting stressed out and stuff and we got back together as we love each other too much and we was at it like a rabbit and not thinking about it!

    I had a smear test last year and its came back saying i got some cells and i need to go to hospital to have laser treatment (its didnt hurt) and been told not to have sex before the op but we did anyway!! went for the laser treatment and been told i wont be having period for a while meaning a month or two so i thought oh ok fair enough!!

    that was may last year i went back to my doctors last year august to find out why i havent come on yet!! and she said to me thats normal for it to take a while to come but we just do the test anyway so i said oh ok so i went to do our job and it was postive and my oh was poorly that day and i didnt want to tell him over the phone so i rang him and asked him to come down and meet me at doctors...

    He arrived and i just passed him the stick that the doctor gave me and he just cried for joy bless him and he cried even more cos its his first daughter as he got 2 boys!!

    so if i was u Mrs Joo just enjoy making love to ur husband while on hols lol, and at anytime as its not worth stressing out while trying for a baby as its will stress u both out and its not nice!!, just enjoy making love and enjoy the time u have together cos believe u me once the baby gets here we all wont have time and its sure does change our lives

    All the best and u look lovely in the picture as well!!

    Cheriste xxx
  • PS am due on 4th of Feb but might be early due to madam is breech lol, but i was 22 weeks gone when i first went for my scan so its a bit of a shock there and i didnt even have any idea that i was pg!!!

    Cheriste xxx
  • Like you Mrs Joo we are going to start trying in June and we got married in September, I'd love to start ttc earlier but we have decide to wait for a few months while we enjoy married life and some other commitments!
    It has been refreshing to read what you pregnant ladies have written, I have been the TTC forum which is brilliant but I was starting to get a bit worried about everything. See you on the TTC forum Mrs Joo's!!! Star27.x
  • My best tip is to have sex at least every 3 days (what a chore for newly weds!!!). Apparently sperm can live on inside you up to 3 days after sex, so that way you've always got a constant supply ready and waiting for when the egg decides to do its thing! Much easier than measuring body temperature/checking dates etc.
    Worked for us, i discovered i was pg only 6 weeks after coming off the pill. oh was very proud of himself!
  • we fell pregnant on honeymoon, i hadnt been using any contraception few a while anyway due to having polycystic ovaries and we said if it happened it happened, and it did on our honeymoon so we were very pleased x
  • Simple, sex and lots of it! hehe x
  • See you on the TTC forum Mrs Joo's!!! Star27.x
    Definitely!!! I'll be on there permanently until it happens I think, fingers crossed it shouldn't take long!!!
  • Simple, sex and lots of it! hehe x

    Love it!!!

    My hubby will love that LOL!!!

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