Newbie - confused with dates of scans

I got my bfp yesterday and am very excited. This is my first so I'm still learning the ropes. I have a question about when your 12week scan is. Is it based on you edd (as in 12 weeks from the start of your last af) or from your conception? I'm not certain when we conceived as I have only had 2 periods off the pill, one was 30 days and the other 36!

Thank you for your help!


  • As mummyMog said, Dr's date you from the 1st day of your last period, so they will base your 12week scan appointment on that. Although if you have been havving irregular periods they might send you for an early scan to date you because if you wanted the nuchal scan they have to do it between 11 weeks and 13+6 weeks so they need to know a rough idea of your dates

    You will usually meet your midwife before your first scan so they will be able to go scan dates etc. for you.

    Most people will find from their EDD changes, I was 5 days ahead of what i originally thought..... was great as it meant it knocked a week off the pregnancy which feels great in the early stages!!

    P.S Congratulations xxxx
  • Thank you for your help. That means I'm 5 weeks!
    I hope I can get an early scan as i am already so bloated I'm probably a bit further along than I think!

  • hi asparagus! i don't really have anything to add as mummy mog and vix have given you the right information there, just wanted to say congratulations!
    fingers crossed for an early scan for you, my friend was is a similar position to you and so she was put in early, i think they can date you from 8 weeks but it's more accurate from 11.
    i was so bloated too right from the start - it makes hiding the pregnancy pretty difficult when you look a good 4 months gone at 4 weeks! lol xxx
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