Worried re bump size?

Hi all lm 25 wks 2day but my bump isnt big at all. I feel the baby several times a day so l know hes ok. Im just worried my baby isn't growing properly. I only about 5ft do yu think this is why lm not very big?im prob being irrational but l cant help worrying lol. xxx


  • Hi thanks Zoey guess l needed some reassurance. So glad you and Ruby are ok xx
  • hi as long as your mw's not worried about your size there's no reason for you to be though i know is easier said than done, everyones different and your hight might be a part of it, as well as the size you were before preg, depending on what i wear i go from looking not preg at all to at the most 15w, (was 25w on sat) although i feel quite big i'm still in all my pre preg clothes, i've been told i'll likely gain weight in last few months so am trying not to worry just yet, xx


  • im 32 weeks and not a very big bump at all! i wish it was, id love to be huge!!!!!!!!!!

    you cant even tell from the back that im preggers, midwife happy with me tho

  • Hello Laurac
    Please don't worry or stress. I speak from experience. I was in the process of moving house when I was 30 weeks and changed midwives. New midwife got really worried that my bump was small and baby wasn't developing. My new GP was also worried that bump was small. I got referred to a consultant... By this time, I was 35 weeks and my baby was premature and there was such a fuss when I gave birth as everyone was worried that I was going to have a severely low birth weight baby. Yes, I had a small baby, she was 4lb 12oz, but didn't go into intensive care which everyone thought she would and when I had her 6 week standard check (at 11 weeks, as I had to add the 5 weeks premature onto the original 6 week) GP asked me if I had got my dates wrong, as baby was doing so well that he said there was no way he believed LO was 5 weeks prem! He was one of the ones who said my bump was small!!! So please don't stress, remember, a happy mummy = a happy baby image
    Good luck!
  • Hi hun dont worry everyone is different, I'm 21 weeks and some people say I look about average and some say I look much bigger! This is my second pregnancy though so you do get bigger but with my first I didnt show properly until about 30 weeks. Is this your first baby? I'm 5ft 1, not sure if height makes a difference.
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