Asking to be induced?

Hiya Yummies!

I hope your all well and happy... i'm busy making an apearance first thing because as soon as it gets to 12 noon I just don't feel able! (feeling pretty sorry for myself lol)

As some of you may have read.. if lost some water and some of my plug.. I am 30 weeks and 2 days... I had been told that if I go full term that baby could be really big and I might need a C- Section.. although I honestly don't think I will go full term.. got period pains, the odd brackston hick, & still the odd bit of waters coming...

I was wondering tho would they let me if I asked to be enduced at 37 weeks I heard the midwife say they still consider that a full term baby... the reason I would want it is because it means baby and me can have a natrual birth he is already a good weight and I just feel is the safest option if possible... not that i'm relishing the idea of pushing and tearing but I want the best for him.. and I know babies do fine on a C - Section (i'm a C-Section baby), but I was just wondering if it's better to have him slightly early than risking him being distressed or having to have major surgery?

I'm saying all this and my body keeps threating to go into labour NOW lol so might not even make it that far... but just wondered about the just encase part...

Any ideas :?

Mwah! xxx


  • I asked to be induced at 37 weeks- if you don't ask you don't get! I've got bad SPD and can't take it anymore and asked the midwife and she made me an appointment to see the consultant at the hospital. The consultant was very understanding - thankfully and said normally we don't allow such early inductions at all. So he went to talk to the other consultants, came back and said we've decided you can be induced at 37+6 weeks. It's an extra 6 days, but at least I can see an end to this pain. Hope it works out for you. Just ask.

  • Oh thanks... I will do got consultant on thursday... I'm up and down to the hospital like a yo yo... even if they say 38 weeks thats only 7 and a bit weeks from now! x
  • Hi with my last son i lost water and had threatened labour and asked to be induced early as he was a good size but they wouldnt do it they just kept there eye on me and let me go full term infact i went 6 days overdue and my son was 10lb and he got stuck after 1 1/2 hrs of pushing they were going to use forceps and prepared me for a c-section incase they couldnt pull him out but they managed to pull him out with me pushing and just had to have 3 stiches where they cut me, but it was a great birth given all that, my daughters birth was good and natural and she was a good size at 8lb 9 1/2 . But like yummy mummy says you dont get if you dont ask they can only say no it worth a try good luck.
    vikki xx
  • It's worth asking but my mw turned me down when I asked. Then she kept saying my baby would be born early anyway and she was 2 days late in the end! My little girl was 8lbs 12.5oz which is quite big and I had her really quickly and naturally, also a friend of mine went 2 weeks over and had a 10 pounder without any probs! Everyone is different but having a big baby isn't always a terrible ordeal. Good luck anyway, you never know you might go into labour early anyway!

  • Got to be worth asking hun, they can only say no!
  • Hi

    I'm now overdue image . My midwife wouldn't even give me a sweep last week when I was 39+4 - she said they're not allowed to do it until you're 40 weeks. I'm not seeing her again until this Thursday when I'll be 4 days overdue and only then will she even start thinking about booking me in to be induced!!!! I think it really depends on what area you're in and what your midwife/consultant is like. Like the others have said, if you don't ask, you don't get. I'm just desperately hoping that things start themselves off naturally asap...

  • Yeah, it does depend on the hospital policies and how cautious your Dr is etc. I have gone overdue (only 2 days) with my first so I don't know if this had any influence on their decision or not. I'm also low risk apart from the SPD but that doesn't pose any threat to my baby or me, just causes pain for me!

  • Hi hun, if your waters carry on leaking they may want to induce you earlier anyway due to risks of infection and you will need antibiotics whilst in labour therefore its easier to give to you when induced.

    I am in a similar situation with measuring bigger due to carrying excess fluid and have already suggested an induction may be used on me if I make it to 37 weeks.

    I would definately ask as you have also said how big baby is already really big that they wont let him get too big. You may even find you may not need to ask and they will suggest it anyway.

    Hope this helps xxx

  • They might well suggest it themselves as MadnBella says. I wouldn't have thought they would let you go overdue.

    I had a big baby and went 11 days overdue. My midwife was annoyed and said I shoudn't have been left so long as the baby gains an ounce a day every day you go overdue! image My baby never engaged and midwife said this is probably due to my pelvis being too small and baby being too big. She suspected it would end in failed induction & c section which it did. And that if I ever have another baby I would have to have a growth scan to assess the size & then decide if I need another c section.

    On the positive side, if you do end up with c section, honestly, it is not as bad as people say. I was up as soon as my spinal wore off fully about 4 hours after delivery. And felt normal ever since. The worst part of the section was having to have a catheter for a day afterwards, and the itching I had as a side effect of the anaesthetic. With my experience as good as it was - i would rather have a section any day!!!!

  • Thanks girls! I will ask they can only say no! x
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