anyone else told they look small??


I am starting to feel quite paranoid about it and starting to worry about the baby.

I am 28 weeks on Monday and everyone keeps saying how small I am. I know I should ignore it but even I think I am small compared to how I was with Emilia. I was measuring 24cm at 25 (nearly 26) weeks but the hospital didn't seemed concerned about that.

Is anyone else the same?


  • hiya hun,
    i'm 35 weeks tomorrow and everyone i see they always turn round and say well your not very big are ya lol which is annoying.. and have always measured a week or 2 behind. but it really depends how the baby is laying.. s/he could be more towards your back and not out front.
    i was still in my size 10s at your stage, everyones body is different.

    You shouldnt worry too much hun, aslong as the heartbeats strong and the doctors dont seem concerned, everythings fine. (easier said then done i know)

    Take care xxx hope it helped a little xxx

  • I am so glad its not just me if feel as if one more person tells me how small i look or that im not very big im going to explode with anger!!! And to top things off its mainly strangers that say it!!
    They say whens the happy day going to be so i say hopefully the 5th of Jan then they stare directly at my bump and say oh well your not very big then are you?! I just feel like saying i am actually measuring the correct size for my stage of the pregnancy so next time keep your opinions to yourself!!!
  • Hi

    Don't worry about being small. I was so small that some people didn't believe me when I told them I was 6 months pregnant. I gave birth to Kara 14 months ago. She was born premature though but she is really healthy and has no problems.She was born at 34+4 weeks. As long as your midwife and the hosp are not concerned then I wouldn't worry.
  • I too have been told by the world and his wife that i have a very neat bump/ooh you're quite small aren't you! - It drives me mad :evil:

    My last midwife appointment i was measuring 2cm behind my weeks but was told that this was fine as a long as its within 3cm either side and not anything to worry about.

    Like the others have said ignore what other people are saying and as long as your gp/midwife is happy with lo's size/progress then stuff the rest of them.!!! :\)

    Suzi 24+4 xxx
  • take no notice i dont think it matters whether you are small big or whatever people will always make stupid remarks to pregnant women as if they have a right to, btw my daughters called emilia its lovely isnt it! xx

    chloe 18+5
  • Hello,

    Yes, I've been told I'm small too - even by the midwife!!

    I'm 20+3 and really have no bump whatsoever, but I do have terrible hyperemesis (still being sick many times a week, nice!) and have lost loads of weight. My husband has told me that I look slimmer now than I did before I was pregnant and I am taking this as a compliment!!

    Also, I'm 6 foot tall, so I'm thinking that even though I have a long baby (according to the scan), there is plenty of space for baby to lie across my tummy. Every now and then when she moves, I look massive (for about 10 minutes) but for the most part, I look like I've been eating all the pies, which is sad really as I am still two stone lighter than before I was pregnant!

    I think it's a good thing for now - I know she is doing OK growth wise and it's hard to bend over, so I know she's long and low, and so I'm thinking I'll have less to lose at the end this way, although will probably turn into a massive heiffer before then!!

  • Hi hon, i know how you feel i am 35 + 3 and have been measuring small since 26 wks, was 4wks behind then 5wks behind, my bump had also only grown 3cm in 8 wks so eventually last week i had to see the consultant at my antental clinic and they gave me a growth scan, i am still measuring 3 wks behind but when they did the growth scan they found the baby to be measuring perfectly for my dates, and was already 5lbs 110z at 35wks so the sonographer said she will prob be about 8 lbs if she goes full term.

    I think if you are thin before you get pregnant or tall, (i am size ten and five foot nine) you dont tend to 'look' that pregnant, plus some women do put on quite a lot of weight during pregnancy and look bigger all over, i had not put any weight on till i was 24wks and have still only just put on a stone and a half! It is awful to hear people say you are small, i dont know why people think its their right to disucuss how fat or thin you are just because you are pregnant!! it drives me mad!! Hope you are okay hon, and if you are still measuring small at your next mw appointment i am sure they will send you for a growth scan or to see a consultant if they are worried. xx
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