Is it normal to get loads of braxton hicks?

Hiya girls,

This might seem like a stupid question but I never got them 1st time round.
I have been getting them a lot the last couple of weeks, and the other day I had sooo much pressure that I thought baby was gonna pop her head out lol.

My belly goes rock hard and I can hardly move cos of the intense pressure! Does any one else get this? I am 32+2 weeks now, and have a feeling that I won't make it to due date, but could this be a sign or is it normal?

Baby was also 3/5s engaged at last appointment 11 days ago, and bumo has dropped a lot more since then.

Thanks for any replies!



  • Haha, I mean bump has dropped a lot more not bumo
  • i get about 3 a day if that helps??
    princess+millie 27+4
  • I haven't counted actually, but I would say I get them around 8 - 10 times a day, sometimes a few in a row
  • yeh i get them in a row, normally when i need a wee!! lol
  • Oh good, was starting to think it might be the start of something!! It's strange cos I never got them once with Kyah, just goes to show how different every pregnancy is!! xxx
  • hi faith,i got loads of them in my last pregnancy alot more than i did with my 1st pregnancy.My baby was 3/5 engaged from 35 weeks and i had her 10 days early(17 days ago!)if this is any help,hanna xxx
  • Aww congratulations hun, how are you finding it having two girlies? I am having another girl and can't wait!! My first was 9 days early and I don't carry very big, I am about the same size this time and just can't imagine me making it to the due date! I don't want her to come too early though, the more time in there the better! xxx
  • i went overdue by 5 days with my older daughter so was shocked to have grace early!im loving having 2 daughters,hard work at times when i have the both of them as im breastfeeding and grace is feeding alot at the mo but its worth it!how old is your older daughter? xx
  • Yeah I bet it is hard work!! I am planning to breast feed too but don't want my daughter to get jealous or feel left out. She will be 4 next month, just before baby is due! It does make things a bit easier that she will be going to school in September. How old is your oldest?xxx
  • Hi Faith, i'm 27+3 and have been having braxton hicks for a couple of weeks now. i get about 8-10 a day but i've been told this is normal. My tummy gets so hard i can't move until its gone. I didn't get them with my first so this is new for me. sometimes there is so much pressure i feel like am gonna burst !!
  • Haha, yep sounds exactly like me! Ah well, will have to learn to live with it, at least it means our bodies are preparing well for labour!!!xxx
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