Only found out today that I am 4 + 2 with my 2nd preg (mc 1st one on 24th Jan this year). Pretty scared as didnt have af in between and lost last one at 5 + 5. Anyway, seem to be having lots more in the way of pulling pains this time and today, while at MIL's I went very hot and sick and fainted. All happened in a matter of mins from feeling ok to waking up on the floor.

I have never fainted before and was just wondering if anyone else had and whether this is normal. Scared the life out of me and hubby and MIL had to catch me and I dont remember what happened other than feeling very hot and a lot of noise.

Do you think I should be worried? Hubby is absolutely petrified.


  • Cheers...got to phone the drs tomorrow so ill mention it and see what they say.
  • I didn't faint with my first who is 7 months - but i'm pregnant again and fainted getting out of bed cut my knee and hurt my back and have had several times where I really felt like fainting if I hadn't stop and held on/or sat down!

    My midwife took my blood pressure & I'm waitting for blood tests to come back to check my iron levels. However I did loose a lot of blood giving birth and had a transfusion I know the body prob has replased it in that time (i'm nearly 3 months pregnant) but I wonder if mine has anything to do with that? or if - It's just a diffrent pregnancy and they are all diffrent!? xx
  • ive colapsed twice once at 17 weeks and the other at 26 weeks aparently its normal xx
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