Had sweep this morning

Hi everyone,

Just looking for abit of advice and reassurance.

I am 40 +5 and had my sweep this morning, mw assured me it wouldn't be painful if anything just uncomfortable unfortunately it was extremely painful - god knows how i am going to manage labour if i cant manage a sweep lol. Anyway mw said reason it was so painful was cos my cervix is still quite far back but she was hopeful the sweep would work & if it doesn't then I am booked in to be induced next Saturday. Only thing is next Saturday I will be 12 days overdue and I am quite concerned that this is a long time to be overdue, most people i know that either gone themselves by then or been induced quite a bit before getting to 12 days overdue, I'm just worried that being so long overdue something will go wrong with my baby and if i end up having a long labour then it could be well over the 12 days :\?, Sorry to rant just wanted to tell someone else about my concerns, tried talkint to oh but as he says mw will know better so I shouldn't worry but I can't help thinking that the sweep isn't going to work and I'm still going to be pregnant this time next week :cry: x


  • I had 2 sweeps with my last pregnancy and the first was very uncomfortable (it brought tears to my eyes) and I had been through one long labour with my 1st without any pain relief so i'm no wimp....so I wouldn't worry about managing labour... As for being overdue all I can say is stay as active as poss (easier said than done I know when you're over 9 months pregnant)... have you tried all the things people say to do? ... Brisk walk? Eating pineapple? Drinking Raspberrry leaf tea? Hot curry? Plenty of sex? You never know they may work! Because I was so uncomfortable and I had minor contractions for days but nothing really going on they gave me another sweep 4 days after the first one and I went into labour the following day - could you ask your m/w if another sweep could be done on monday?

    I'm sure your baby will be fine - it your m/w was worried then they would induce you earlier.... I can understand why you want the baby sooner rather than later - I've got just under 7wks to go and I'm already wishing the time away!!...

    Take care and hopefully things will start to happen for you v soon.

    em x
  • I tried to have a sweep at 38 weeks and was very painfull, my cervix wasnt ready. Same happened at 39 weeks but this time although again my cervix was quite ready it didnt hurt as much. At 40 weeks tried to have sweep and was uncomfortable, but didnt really hurt. Although again MW still wasnt able to do it. Cervix was ready, but she said i had a long cervix and she couldnt qiute reach! (never heard of that before) I think it depends on the persons experience, maybe she isnt very good at doing them. Or maybe your dates are wrong. Is it possible that you are only 38 weeks instead of 40? as this will make a difference. A human pg is actually longer then 40 weeks so try not to worry about going overdue too much, as long as baby is fine. I know this is easier said than done. Im 4 days overdue and im totally fed up with the waiting.
    Good luck
  • No I think my dates are right it was just that my cervix was still quite far back, so far it hasn't started anything so I'm not hopeful that it will. I'm just hoping I go myself before next saturday now. For some reason I have a real fear of being induced, I don't actually know why I just do. At the end of the day as long as everything goes fine and baby is ok thats all I want xx
  • Dnt worry bout been induced when I was aving my son they booked me in for 42+1, but fortunately some of they inductions they had booked alreadly went in2 labour so I went in at 41+3. Uve got a long way until saturday tho so uve got time to go in2 labour naturally. I no wat u mean bout sweep tho I had my first sweep at 41 weeks and got dead demoralised because she couldn't even reach the neck ov my womb. It was no suprise that after a 12hour labour, getting to 10cm and a hour of pushing that I eventually had to go for an emergency c section coz the lil bugga still hadnt dropped down, wateva happens tho its worth it. Good luck im sure u will be fyn k x.
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