Feeling dizzy - help

Has anyone else had this have been going dizzy since Tues woke up with it Tues morn the room was spinning and I could not walk without falling over. Was also sick as well so just thought was some bug. Spoke to midwife and as everything else ok baby moving ok and all just sounded like bug. I am no longer been sick and now just feel dizzy all the time its really starting to get me down and just don't know what to do can hardly do anything as everytime I get up feel like i am going to fall over. Any advise would be appreciated x I am 32 weeks tom.


  • Could be blood pressure or lbood sugar. Did she check your BP? As you were being sick too, did you have any empty stomach maybe?
  • Could it be virtigo (sp) which I think is something to do with the ears and an infection maybe???
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