Miscarred im sad

II WAS BLEEDING LAST NIGHT WENT TO HOSPITAL TODAY AND IT iS VERY BAD NEWS THE DID A SCAN AND SAID BABY IS 7 WEEKS 3DAYS AND as no heart beet i was so sad im ment to be 13weeks 3days i dont understand y it happend and y i didnt bleed at 7 weeks if thats wen my lil baby died.i cnt get over this please i need sum suport


  • I did post in your other thread but I wanted to tell you how sorry I am. Do you have your bf or family with you to support you at the moment? I think its called a missed misscarriage when the bledding doesn't start straight away but i'm not 100% sure. If you need to talk you know where we are.

    Sorry again hun

  • awww huni i dnt kno what to say apart from im reallly sorry for ur loss u must b rly unhappy ive never had a mc so i dnt kno what ur goin thru but i wish u luck n best wishes for future
  • Hiya love, so sorry to hear about your loss. I know how you feel and i really do feel for you. Sending lots of love hunni xx
  • thanks girlies try keep my post at top of pregnacy post so we can all talk.i just want it to be rong ow can bbay be 7weeks 3 days no heart beat im supose to be 13 weeks 3 days. i wud be 7 weeks 3 days now if its counted from conciving or 13 weeks 3 days if from last period
  • I really don't know what to say to help. If they didn't find a heartbeat and the baby hasn't grown surely there is no more they can do image I really don't know. Are you still bleeding? what have the hospital said for you to do?

  • Ahhhh hun I'm soo soo sorry and my thoughts are with you at such a sad time. I hope you have friends and family around you to support you.

    Katie.x x x

  • i can either av op to remove wats there or take medication or leave it a couple of weeks 2 remove its self..

    i chose to leave it few weeks 2 remove its self as i wanna be with my baby a lil longer and that
    iv got 2 weeks off work with sik pay witch is crap.
    i bleeding lightly
  • Unfortunately sick pay is all you will get image when I had my D&C last march I only took one day off and was back to work.

    Do you have anyone with you?

  • babe im so sorry to hear the news, but try to remember that evryhin happened for a reason and maybe this one wasn't meant to be. There could be so many reason why it didnt work out darling, don't let it cloud your heart and want of a child. It happened for a reason because maybe there was a defect and the decision was made that bringing the baby into the world wouldnt be the right choice for the little one. Just remember, there is always a next time, and we all love you so much. i wish you the best of luck darling, xxx
  • i am so so sorry! i hope you have lots of support around you, i cant imagine what your going through! i hope you and oh can help each other through this. lots of love
    x x
  • aww hun am so sorry for your loss, i bled at 12 weeks (the day before my 12 week scan) and the scan showed id miscarried at 7 weeks too. you just have to try and understand this has happend for a reason. i had passed the baby in a clot but not realised due to the amount of blood and had a d&c to remove the rest. hopefully youl feel better soon but i understand the heartache you feel for your baby and dont blame yourself for whats happend. my mc was in sept last year and im now 10 weeks preg again had a scan at 9 weeks and so far everythings ok, even tho after a heartbeat is found the risk of miscarrage is something like 3% i still fear the worst. you can try again when you feel ready and hopefully everything will be ok
    love shaz x
  • I am so sorry
    I have been through this twice last year so i you need someone to talk to i may be able to help

  • I am so sorry
    I have been through this twice last year so i you need someone to talk to i may be able to help

  • I haven't been through it Caz, but wanted to say how sorry I am for you.

    I hope you are not home alone. My thoughts are with you, and from reading from the other posts on here, it's great to see the future babies that people have after a MC.

    Sending a cuddle....... I really hope you are not on your own at home

    Sam xxxx
  • Sorry to hear about your loss Caz.
    Please look after yourself and stay in touch with us, especially if you feel you have no-one else to talk to.
    Love Em xxxxxxxxx
  • im with my bf we are very sad plus gunna be alone tomorwz n that as hes still got to go 2 work
  • I should be around tomo at some point so will check in to see how you're doing Caz. Chin up xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • thnx hun My msn addy is in my profile u can add me or anything
  • sleep tight. Speak tomo xxxxxx
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