Hi ladies, hope you are all keeping well.

I've been spending the evening researching or buying baby products.. Just been looking into Grobags and didnt realise the variety. I was looking at 1.0 for 0-6months, on one website the prices range from ??16-??30! I thiught the only difference was the design but i believe there is more to it than that.

How much has everybody else spent / what styles do you recommend as being the best?

Im not sure where to start looking...i dont like lots of means more time needed to make a decision!

Look forward to hearing what you have all gone for. xxx


  • Personally I like the ones made by Grobag best. When Millie was little we had a selection, mothercare, M&P and some cheap ones as well as the Grobags and the grobag ones definately washed and fit best. They were easy to put on and have an extra adjustment under the arms for tiny babies. The one that I would recomend most is the travel one, it has a slit for car/pushcahir straps and means that if you have to travel at sleep time you can transfer lo straight into their cot.
  • thanks for replying.
    Zoey - i didnt realise places like matalan do them
    Bedhead - looking at bump to 3 which seems to be the website for 'Grobag' the orginial. Have you tried the socksuit? thanks for the infor regarding travel.

    Have only started looking so your advice is a great help on what styles are best etc. How many would you suggest is it worth buying?

    I personally like the idea of grobags over blankets, as i jst feel baby is safer and baby is less likely to be to hot or kick off sheets and get to cold. My cousin recommended getting them...havent had chance to speak to her since,
  • Yes we had a selection with my first baby. Put again, preferred the grobag ones - we had them from newborn - a blue design with cats on and a cool clangers one and a peter rabbit one - they do wash nicely. We bought them new on ebay and when finished with them sell them on and get a little bit back as people go for the name. Chelle x
  • Mothercare do one for ??16.99 for babies who weigh more than 5lb (0-3 months). Have a look at their website as they explain all about them on it. Also got a 2 tog one from Marks and Spencer for ??16 which has been washed twice (once when I bought it and then when I split tea on it showing my mum it!) it has washed lovely so far.
  • sorry forgot to say we got them so little one didn't kick blankets off and it felt a bit 'safer' we had about 3 in each size as nice to have spares when washing others.
  • We never tried the socksuit. It did seem like a really good idea but compared to sleepsuits from ASDA at ??5 for three they just seemed a bit pricy! We found that two in each tog was best so that you could always have one clean just in case, althoug for a summer baby you probably wouldn't need the 2.5tog one. Bump to 3 is the Grobag website so I would buy whichever is cheapest! They are probably just last years colours.
  • We've got one that my grandma bought us. Not sure what kind it is but it is pink. Very pretty...for a girl! She knows we are having a boy as well! :roll: Don't think she was pleased about it.

    She's crocheted us loads of lovely blankets so I will see how lo gets on with them first. If he turns out to be a right wriggler at night, like his mum lol, then I'll try the grobag. He'll be too young to realise he looks like a girl, hehe. xxx

  • baby is due in june so planning on getting 1 tog for 6months and then 2.0 to start with for 6-18months as our house gets cold in winter. I was just a bit confused as some websites seemed to vary so much in price. Might go with the grobag as some of you have said you had a selection and found these the best. also for others looking at buyingm they have 10% of if buy two.

    chellebelle...hadnt thought of ebay. but im a bit picky on hygiene so they would have to be from ebay shops and none used!

    Does three sound about right. 1 in wash, one in need of a wash maybe and 1 in use. I've just noticed it will get quite expensive if i buy too many. As hubby pointed out, sheets are cheaper and can last all ages! I do have a quilt for cot but will probs use it for decoration or when baby's older.

    thanks for the kind words of advice. Keep them coming image xxx
  • ah...decisions decisions...matalan v's grobag......
    I think il have to wait for some more postings yet to decide......
    I dont have an asda nearby...shame.....I think im just going to have to do on a shopping trip just for grobags at this rate lol!

  • Hiya we got ours from Tesco for ??10. Our little one was born in the summer of 2006 and she's been using them since she was about 3-4months old. We just bought 2. One that she would be in of a night time and the other one would either be in the wash or washed and ready to use again. As she grew we just bought the next size up. We think they are definately better than blankets cause they can't wriggle out and get cold. In the winter we just put her in her cot in her sleeping bag with a blanket over the top. Hope this helps.
  • Hi, I think that they are grossly overpriced so bought mine second hand off can they justify the price of ??30? I got a couple of new ones from TK MAXX (under a tenner) & my MIL bought us one from GEORGE (ASDA). I started to use them from around 3 months...they are really good now that he is 9 moths & wriggles all around his cotbed - the positions he gets into! lol!
  • thanks for replying. Sorry I haven't replied sooner, been fortunate to have worked all w/e!

    For those who ahve used them with lo's already, some of you mentioned that you used them from 3 months. Is their a recommended age to use them or did anybody use them from birth. As you can see its my first and Im a bit clueless!

    frags_jones....i hadnt thought about tkmaxxx....thanks for the suggestion. xxx
  • Iv got 3 different kinds and prefer the Matalan ones because there is a zip all the way round for easy access to change nappies. The sainsburys one I find difficult to get him in it and wouldnt buy one of those ones again. I use a sleeping bag every night and find them really good, especially if your lo is waking for feeds during the night they stay nice and cosy.
  • I've used Grobag, SlumberSac (exactly the same as Grobag), matalan, Tesco, Asda.

    I found the Tesco one to be loads thinner than all the other brands even though it said 2.5 tog??? Plus it had poppers insead of a zip so it was too fiddly.

    I would say if you're trying them out for the first time go for Matalan or Asda, purely cus they're cheaper. But George tends to outgrow these ones quicker, so although Grobags and Slumbersacs are tons more expensive, in my opinion, they will last you a lot longer
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