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feeling awful

Feeling awful today woke up with this horrible chesty cough and it has made me sick once today and feeling really drained of energy. I went for a nap at about 12 woke up about 3.30pm and still feel tired i dont think i over slept just feeling a bit poo today is there any remedies that might help that aren't gonna hurt my babies?


  • For your chesty cough hun, as you know, you cant take cough medicines but I would fill a bowl with boiling hot water and put a couple of drops of ucalyptus or obas oil in there, pop ur head over and cover with a towel... just inhale the fumes through ur mouth... it might help make ur chest feel smoother and get some of that nasty flemmy stuff up that u get with a cough!

    As for your tiredness hun id say the best thing to do is go to bed early and try to sleep off the sleepyness...xx

    Really hope that helps babe xxx
  • thanks hun i'll try that x

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