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I am just getting ready for a nice bath and I noticed I have dark rings around the areola area image They are not very very dark but I can see them and Hubby just said he could as well woo hoo

K xxx



  • haha K-Lou! you are funny x
  • My OH said he could see this on me yesterday and I hadn't noticed and I haven't got my bfp yet lol

  • I hope you get it soon Sami I really do. I was all worried before as my nips have been sore but then they just stopped hurting???

    K xx
  • Mine don't hurt but my boobs are killing me

  • Awww K-lou, who'd have thought we'd ever get excited about sore/dark nipples! Be warned, they will only get bigger and darker now! xx
    P.S Sammi, my nips didnt hurt before i got my bfp, just my boobs round the sides xx
  • Mine really at the back if that makes sense? But the whole of the ache and hurt aswell and also sting!

  • I've quite missed your funny posts klou its lovely to see you've got your bfp. Looking forward to seeing many more! x
  • Ha Ha K-lou,
    I got serious excitement over this sort of thing during my first pregnancy... This time I'm not so excited lol. For example, my boobs started leaking when I was only 16 weeks pregnant and I thought it was the greatest thing ever when I woke up with two big wet patches on my pj top... by the time I was 35 weeks I was so fed up of wearing a bra with breast pads to bed (sooooo uncomfy, I like to sleep 'free' lol) I could've chopped my boobs off! now I am just praying the leaky boobs don't start till a lot later in this pregnancy like a normal person!!!
    Its great that you are so excited, keep on making the most of your pregnancy it goes by in a flash!!!
    Hannah xxx

  • You won't be laughing in another 15 weeks or so when your hubby can no longer look at you naked without staring at your boobs for 1/2 an hour!!! :lol:

    Hubby is obsessed with my pancakes!!!!!!! LOL

  • only just seen that you have got your bfp k lou (not been on here for a couple of weeks) massive congrats to you both!

    your post made me laugh! wait till your nipples start taking over your breasts, not a great look! and then to top it all off they start to leak, lovely!!

    Nina 20+1 xx

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